Event Tracking Analytics for Shopify Stores

Understanding the behavior – not just pageviews – of your users is the key to increasing conversion rate. Make it happen through Elevar’s suite of onsite analytics solutions.

Step 1: Tag Your Site

Do you find yourself relying on the standard reports in Google Analytics like source/medium and pageview reports?

Or maybe eCommerce reports like add to cart %?

But there are so many other actions a user is taking on your site.

Each of these, and their unique sequence, has an effect on conversion rate.

When you tag your site with our easy to use Chrome Extension, you’ll unlock amazing insights about your user behavior.

Which you can then use to drive improvements and a/b tests.

Step 2: Visualize What's Tagged

When it comes to event tracking, one of the first questions we are asked is “what is tagged on my website?”.

Or even “I think this is tagged but I’m not sure where to check”.

Now with Elevar you can visually  see what is tagged on your website.

We combine pre-existing tags from your GTM account with new events created in our Chrome Extension.

Then we show you where those tags exist on your website and what channels they are sending data to.

visualize whats tagged

Step 3: Analyze Insights & Revenue Opportunities

Elevar ingests data from Google Analytics through a 1-click integration and then translates into actionable insights.

With insights you are able to:

  • Compare historical performance trends in your shopping funnel
  • Calculate revenue opportunities for these key metrics
  • Set email alert thresholds so you know exactly when a key change is financially impacting your business

This helps save significant time when looking for areas of opportunity.

Opportunities that you can apply to your a/b testing or just general improvements to the website.

Over 2,500 brands trust their data with Elevar

We’ve built the leading GTM app on Shopify. Have helped hundreds of thousands of GTM users through our free guides. And are official Shopify Plus partners in the digital marketing vertical.



How does this work?

Our self-serve plan allows anyone to connect their Google Analytics and we will automatically ingest data that we translate into insights.

You can also use our event builder chrome extension to automatically import tags and triggers to any GTM account.

How does this work with data foundation or monitoring?

Our data foundation solution is only available with our PRO plans. Our monitoring solution is in beta and can be enabled for all plans, including analytics plans.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes! We will happily refund the previous month if not completely satisfied.

Do you have any case studies?

You can see some of our customer case studies here: check them out.