What Problem Does Elevar Solve For Shopify Stores (Related to Tracking)?

[Video] Learn the 101 on tracking and how our customers use it to help them grow faster (without all the jargon).

“What does Elevar actually do?”

A common question the first time we speak to a new brand on a call.

And a fair question if you aren’t familiar with us (or if the word “tracking” makes you cringe).

In this video I get into the weeds talking more about:

  • Different types of tracking and what it’s used for
  • What questions we hear from customers related to the performance of their tracking
  • How those answers can help them scale their business (faster)
  • What happens when tracking goes wrong
  • What activities are dependent on accurate data collection

Take a few minutes to hear exactly how I think about tracking.

I try to limit the jargon of “server side” and “CAPI” etc.

But more importantly how tracking is critical through the lens of our customers to help them scale their businesses.

Questions? Hit me up with a comment below.

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Brad Redding

Brad, Founder of Elevar, has lived in eCommerce for nearly 15 years. Today Elevar helps thousands of eCommerce brands like Rothys, Vuori, Cuts Clothing, and Vessi maximize the value of their onsite data collection. He specializes in data analytics and conversion optimization to help brands exceed their business goals.

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