15x’d our business in 3 years since working with Elevar. Laying down the foundational work early so we could see that growth was key to our success.

Dylan KimCo-Founder

Brevitē is not just a backpack – the 3 brothers Elliot, Dylan, and Brandon – are focused on creating lasting change for the greater good. In addition to their camera and everyday backups, Brevitē focuses on supporting people through their backback donations and the planet by using recycled materials only.

The Challenge

When Brevitē first approached Elevar in 2018, they were struggling with:

  • Configuring Google Tag Manager
  • Extracting insights from their Google Analytics data
  • Launching new marketing tags

Elevar worked with Dylan and the team to implement the sitewide datalayer, proper marketing tags for key marketing channels like AdRoll, Google Ads, Facebook, and TikTok.

Plus their Google Analytics tracking was enhanced with sitewide event tracking, custom goals, and a user journey tracking report.

Here’s a look into whats tagged:

whats tagged

Nearly 4 years later, Elevar now powers:

  • Server-side tracking for Facebook Conversion API
  • Server-side tracking for TikTok Events API
  • Site-wide event tracking for Google Analytics
  • Site-wide server-side events for GA4
  • Performance analysis from Google Analytics
  • Managing new marketing tag initiatives

Our Founder, Brad Redding, recently sat down with Dylan to learn more about their rapid growth.

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