The individuals at Elevar are so easy to work with and are so responsive to our needs. Their solutions for tag management are top notch and easy to implement. I am very excited for the next phase of A/B testing with them.

Erica LeBlancSenior Manager eCommerce

Hunter Fan’s Challenge: Understanding the Customer Journey

How can you determine the priorities for your site and your business if you cannot identify what your customer wants and what their pain points are? Hunter Fan turned to Elevar to help them answer these questions using customized behavior tracking in Google Tag Manager.

Establishing a Solid Foundation

Hunter Fan began working with Elevar in the midst of replatforming from Symphony to Shopify, and having accurate tracking on the new site was a high priority. 

Elevar’s first step was to establish a solid tracking foundation by reviewing and correcting issues within Google Tag Manager, their dataLayer, Google Analytics, and marketing tags. Thankfully, Hunter Fan was already using Elevar’s Google Tag Manager Shopify app and prebuilt GTM containers so they were already off to a solid start!

Google Analytics Deep Dive

Once data is processed in Google Analytics there is no way to remove it, so Elevar’s next step was to thoroughly comb through their GA settings to ensure that the data being sent was processed correctly and to its fullest potential.

Having accurate and tailored settings in place ensures that you do not miss out on valuable data! The Elevar team used our 100+ checkpoint process to review and correct tracking issues uncovered around attribution, checkout flow steps, channel definitions, content grouping, and more. 

Implementing Custom Event Tags to Track the Customer Journey. 

Since each site is unique, there is no magical plug and play solution to capture all the data you want in events.  To capture important user data, Elevar analysts added over 50 GTM event tags for the new Hunter Fan site. Using our funnel builder, we were able to use the new event tags to build out different journeys a user may take. This is a great way to understand which actions increase or decrease conversion rates, and where drop-offs are occurring. 

Below is a sampling of questions the new GTM events will help answer around their users’ journey:

  • What are the most popular navigation links?
  • Which banners are people clicking on? Which banner click leads to the best conversion rate?
  • Which feature are people filtering for the most on category pages? Which variant of the feature do customers look for the most?
  • What do customers sort category pages by the most?
  • Of product page views, what percentage were for products available to be bought online? Only available with another retailer? Out of stock?
  • How often are product pages without product images viewed? Does this impact conversion rate?
  • How often are people posting or reading questions and reviews? Are they more likely to convert after doing this?

Launch Success

After all of this prep work, Hunter Fan successfully launched their new site while maintaining seamless tracking for all of their platforms. Not only did they avoid a disastrous drop off in data and marketing pixels, but they are also well equipped with massive amounts of data to fuel the decision making for their site and business.

If you find yourself not trusting your data or not having the data you need to power your business decisions, book a call with us to see how we can help you!

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