Elevar helped us improve our product page's conversion rate by 10% and revenue per session by $.52 going into the holiday season by conducting multiple rounds of A/B & multivariate testing.

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Raycon’s Challenge: Increasing Revenue per Session on Product Page Visits

Raycon experienced a year of rapid growth and success, and were looking to ensure the momentum continued into the holidays and the following year. They were having great success in driving traffic to the site, but needed ways to further increase the revenue per session on their product pages.

Their product pages were already well optimized, as their rampant success had proven, but were unsure of what additional changes would push the needle for them.

Turning Insights into Action

Elevar data analysts set up custom event tagging using our Free Chrome Extension Event Builder which allowed us to better understand and analyze user behavior to see what interactions were driving conversion rates. Setting up custom events via GTM is the gold standard in tracking user behavior so you can see what clicks actually lead to conversions and revenue.

Plus you can break this event data down by traffic type, devices, etc.

The next step was to take insights and revenue opportunities that surfaced + the new event tracking and begin rapid A/B testing on the product pages. Because Raycon had plenty of traffic to move through test iterations quickly, we decided to move forward with multivariate testing on product pages.

A multivariate test allows us to conduct multiple changes at once on a page and test the combination of those changes to determine what the best outcome was. An example of one winning variant (pictured below) had copy creating urgency, removed confidence icons below the add to cart button, and moved reviews to their original position at the bottom of the page.

Data Driven Decisions for the Win

After going through a series of carefully crafted tests implemented by Elevar and implementing the winning variations into production, Raycon saw a conversion rate increase of 10% and revenue per session increase by $0.52. That small lift in revenue across all sessions added up to a record breaking holiday season for Raycon!

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