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Founded in 2015 and now one of the fastest growing performance apparel brands, Vuori makes premium performance apparel inspired by the active Coastal California lifestyle; an integration of fitness, surf, sport, and art. They are a direct-to-consumer brand (visit them on https://vuoriclothing.com/) and also have 6 retail locations in California.

The Challenge

If you’ve been through a new site migration and launch then you know that marketing tags and pixels can be problematic during this transition. Product catalog IDs change, URLs are different, and new partners need to be integrated.

When tracking during a site launch goes wrong, this can turn a time of celebration to one of anxiety.

After Vuori’s relaunch on Shopify Plus, the eCommerce team was experiencing significant under-reporting with their Facebook and Google conversion tracking.

Enter Elevar.

The Solution

The Elevar team worked closely with Vuori to audit:

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Sitewide Data Layer
  • Conversion tracking across 11 marketing channels
  • Google Analytics

The most pressing conversion tracking issues with Facebook and Google were fixed within a few days. This ensured a smooth transition into Q4 holiday post launch and beyond.

Tracking challenges don’t start and end with a site launch though.

Today, Elevar powers key features for Vuori such as:

  • Sitewide data layer
  • Facebook Conversion API
  • Marketing tag destinations
  • Tag monitoring
  • Event tracking
  • CCPA integration
  • Server-side tracking

The world of tracking continues to evolve and we’re grateful to place a small part in the Vuori’s team success with their onsite analytics and data collection.

If you’re interested in learning more about Elevar, watch a demo or book a call with us here.

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