With the help of Elevar's insights and testing recommendations, we increased our email signup rate by 32% via a/b testing leading up to the holiday season.

Andy DentoneCommerce Strategy, Le Creuset

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Le Creuset’s Challenge: Increasing the # of Email Signups

Email can be a significant driver of revenue especially during busy holiday periods. However in most cases 98+% of users that visit a site leave without capturing their email address through either a purchase or a simple email signup (that includes an offer, etc).

Leveraging Insights + Expertise

Using Elevar, Le Creuset discovered that their total % of email signups per user had slowly declined over time which was beginning to impact their email channel revenue potential.

They felt they could be getting even more out of their email channel and part of this was increasing the amount of new users on their email list that they could remarket to.

As a PRO customer of Elevar, Le Creuset worked with their lead analyst to implement several tests around their email collection signup.

We felt that the copy may not have indicated that discounts were going to be sent through email and we agreed that “discounts” language is one of the primary drivers of people agreeing to sign up for a newsletter from brands.

We implemented a multivariate test that changed the aesthetic and copy in the modal.

The results?

A 32% increase in email signup %!

Here were the very simple copy changes made as part of the test – using the KISS approach when communicating potential value to new visitors.

Original Copy:


Secondary Copy: “Sign up for our emails to be the first to know about new products, savings, and happenings with Le Creuset.”

Copy from Winning Variant


Secondary Copy: “Sign up for our emails to be the first to know about new products and holiday savings with Le Creuset.”

With this simple change that required 0 development effort, Le Creuset increased their total email list size which helped lead to a record breaking holiday sales season.

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