The outstanding customer service is one of the reasons we stay with Elevar and recommend them to our clients.

Mikko RekolaChief Evangelist at Woolman

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About Woolman

With more than 100 employees nationwide, Woolman is Europe’s largest Shopify Plus partner. Woolman is a full-service agency for Shopify merchants large and small, working with them to create a go-to-market strategy based on data and analytics. Having an agency partner like Woolman to help guide you to success is a big advantage in the eCommerce world.

The Challenge

Several years ago, the Woolman team realized that conversion tracking for their clients was becoming more and more difficult, especially for their enterprise customers. Mikko Rekola, Chief Evangelist at Woolman, and his team had to find a conversion tracking solution – after all, their brand promise is “We work hand-in-hand with our customers. They succeed when we succeed.” And part of that success requires accurate, complete conversion tracking data.  

The problems they saw included:

  • Facebook Ads weren’t tracking accurately
  • Store updates were a struggle because of broken tags in GTM
  • No clarity on what was broken in Google Tag Manager

The Solution: Elevar

Mikko did some research on solutions, but he’d already heard good things about Elevar, and he’d been following us on LinkedIn for a while, so he connected a few of his clients with our team. First impressions are important, and Elevar didn’t disappoint: “There was especially this one feature which enabled server-side tracking we put in place for three of our customers to start, and I still remember the success we saw with them,” said MIkko.

Mikko worked with Brad Redding, Founder and CEO of Elevar, as well as the Elevar team, to implement Elevar’s Server-Side tracking for his clients. He said the training and time the Elevar team took to ensure onboarding was successful were invaluable, and it continued (and continues) to be easy to use and easy to access assistance when needed. Explains Mikko, “The outstanding customer service is one of the reasons we stay with Elevar and recommend them to our clients.”


Woolman’s mid-market to enterprise level customers are “super happy” with Elevar. Approximately 10 of Woolman’s clients are currently utilizing Elevar, and Mikko expects to increase that to 30+ this year. The Woolman team ‘s clients utilizing Elevar now see:

  • Accurate Facebook Ad conversion numbers 
  • No more broken tags in GTM
  • Clear customer journeys through accurate data, providing the opportunity for optimization and/or problem solutions 

While there is no magic bullet for optimizing ad spend, having a guaranteed 99%+ accurate conversion tracking data is a pretty giant step in the right direction, and at Elevar, that’s what we promise with our Server-Side tracking. Adding in an agency partner like Woolman who can help you surface and utilize insights from that accurate data – turning into higher ROI, bigger profits, etc. – makes sense for a lot of eCommerce businesses.

We’re very glad to be partnered with Woolman, and we’re grateful for their recommendation of our services to their customers – trusting us with your own customers is one of the biggest compliments we can think of. 

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