How to Connect Your Shopify Store to New FREE Google Shopping Tab

This is big news announced by Google: they are allow all merchants to list their products for FREE. Learn how to opt-in.

This is big news announced by Google: they are allow all merchants to list their products for FREE – yes free – on the Google Surfaces which includes the Shopping tab you see today.


If you already have a Google AdWords account configured then it should be very easy to opt-in to this program.

This quick guide is going to outline the steps required to get you up and running on the free Google Shopping surfaces program.

If you already have a Google Merchant account and product feed then you can skip to step 3.

Step 1: Create Google Merchant Account

This step is where you house your products that are synced from your store through step 2. Create a new Google Merchant account here.

Step 2: Create Product Feed

There are several ways to do this from Shopify.

Here are a few to start with:

  1. Use the free Shopify Google Shopping app to sync products automatically (note that this has been known to have tracking issues based on reports to us)
  2. Use a third party feed aggregator like Feedonomics, DataFeedWatch, etc
  3. A Google Shopping only app to connect your data feed

Step 3: Connect Feed to Surfaces

Once you’ve created your feed in step 2 then you will have a few settings inside of Merchant Center to connect to Surfaces.

Inside of Feeds > Products > Settings you’ll want to be sure surfaces is selected:





Step 4: Add Dynamic Product Remarketing Tags

Once you’ve completed the first 3 steps then you’re good to go! You can track your performance inside of Merchant Center  > Performance.

To really power this initiative then you should configure dynamic product remarketing tracking on your website.

So if a user sees your product > clicks to go to your website > leaves without buying, then you can remarket to this user by showing the product they did not buy.

Our Shopify App automates the entire setup of this process via Google Tag Manager. Install our GTM Suite app here and then email us [email protected] if you have any questions.

This help guide shows step by step how you can configure all of the required remarketing tags.


This is a big deal as shoppers continue to use Google Shopping for quick browsing. Get yourself setup – at least for the free shopping across surfaces.


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