Last Minute Tips To Crush Holiday

Holiday breakdown with 10 D2C Brands and 9 technology providers. R&D (rob and duplicate) these tactics while there’s time!

Chances are you already have your holiday in full swing right now.

But holiday takes us through the end of the year – not just BFCM.

So there is plenty of time to take action on improvements (no matter how big or small) to help you maximize this period.

We recently participated in a Zoom style expert breakdown with 10 D2C Brands and 9 technology providers.

holiday unwrapped

R&D (rob & duplicate) these tactics while there is still time!

Brands included:

  • Josh Knopman shared why Caraway Home extends its promotional timeline.
  • Chrisma Luster let us in on the power of a private VIP community for Sassy Jones.
  • Adam Hendle dove into the value of Ballsy being a proactive brand.
  • Mike Demson dug into how DripDrop ORS is personalizing their segmented offers.
  • Mariel Bacci Kilroy highlighted other alternative sales avenues for Lively Root.
  • Anthony Tartaro shed light on the power of partners for Vincero Watches.
  • Shianne Smalling illustrated how Andie personalizes their Post-purchase flows.
  • Caely L. dropped how Black Halo is enticing purchasers with daily promos.
  • Ryan Pamplin shared the importance of proper inventory investments at BlendJet®
  • Corrina L. explained how TUSHY: For People Who Poop turn smarter shipping into more profits.
  • Eric Giandelone dove into how Parkseed uses email to gauge customer interest.
  • Raymond Mendoza illuminated the importance of onsite shipping updates for StriVectin.

Access all 19 videos + a PDF that summarizes each takeaway over on Daasity’s site.

Wish you our best this holiday season!

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