Understand the Incremental Impact of Your Meta Ads With Lift Tests

Learn about what a lift test is, how lift tests work, and how you can use them to understand the incremental impact of your Meta ads.

Understand the Incremental Impact of Your Meta Ads With Lift Tests

Kayle Larkin

Head of Marketing

Looking to better understand the incremental impact your Meta advertising campaigns have on your audience? Conducting a lift test is the answer.

By comparing the behavior change between a group exposed to your ads and a control group, you can accurately assess the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

This article will delve into the concept of lift tests and explain how they can be a valuable tool for measuring the impact of your advertising campaigns on your target audience.

In this article, you will learn:

What Is a Lift Test?

A lift test or a lift study is an experiment that allows you to see your ads’ impact on individuals exposed to your Facebook advertisements.

It’s important to note that a lift test differs from an A/B or split test.

The key difference between a lift test and an A/B test is that in an A/B test, you do not intentionally withhold a segment of your audience from seeing an advertisement. Learn more about A/B testing.

How a Lift Test Works

In a lift test, there is a control group, also known as a holdout group. The control group is a segment of Facebook users you intentionally withhold from seeing your ads.

Conversely, the test or experimental group is a separate segment of Facebook users who have the opportunity to see your ads.

When you set up a lift test, Facebook automatically creates these segments. The two segments are chosen at random, but they both consist of users who match your target ad audience.

By comparing the data between the control group and experimental group, you can see whether your ads affected the behavior or awareness of your target ad audience.

Types of Meta Lift Tests

When conducting a lift study, you have options for the type of test to run. Different types of lift tests can help you understand various aspects of the impact of your Meta Ad campaigns.

Conversion Lift

As the name implies, conversion lift tests help you measure if and how your Meta ads drive conversions.

With a conversion lift test, you can understand what conversions wouldn’t have happened without displaying your ads.

A conversion lift test could be the solution if you want to identify or learn:

  • Ways to optimize the performance of your Facebook ads.
  • The number of conversions attributed to your Facebook ads.
  • Whether or not you should adjust your budget for Facebook ads.

Your Meta account rep can help you set up a channel lift test, or you can do it yourself under Experiments within your business’s Meta account.

Check out Meta’s documentation for conversion lift tests for in-depth information about conversion lift testing.

Brand Lift

If your goal is to learn the extent of your target audience’s awareness of your brand, a brand lift study is the solution.

A Meta brand lift study works by surveying members of your target audience — both the holdout group exposed to your ads and the test group that was not.

Both groups are polled about topics such as whether they recall seeing your ads or their familiarity with your brand.

The qualifications for running a brand lift test are that you must be running one campaign for one brand or product, and your creative and budget must remain the same throughout the campaign.

To run a Meta brand lift study check out Meta’s documentation.

Channel Lift

Meta now offers a new type of lift test: the channel lift test.

Participating in a channel lift test can help you measure the incremental impact advertising on Facebook and other Meta platforms has on your business’s other paid and organic channels.

This can give you a holistic view of the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

To set up a channel lift study, enable the Channel Lift event within your Elevar account [documentation].

Then, work with your Meta account rep to complete the study and understand what the test results indicate about your Meta ad campaigns.

Questions about the Meta Channel Lift Study?

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