Insights to Action in Seconds.

With mountains of data to analyze, consistent insights analysis is hard to maintain. But Elevar does the dirty work of data mining and automating insight generation.

What used to take days or weeks, Elevar does in minutes.

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Google Analytics Insights

Elevar automates the analysis of hundreds of reports from Google Analytics in seconds. You’re then able put your own insights into action with expert tips and recommendations.

Marketing Analytics

Learn how each channel performs with user acquisition, retention, and engagement with your website. Save hours of time with our pre-built reports monitoring critical KPIs.


Elevar analyzes traffic and conversion data across all marketing channels to help prioritize your marketing efforts and spend. We’re able to combine data from Google’s multi-touch reports with standard analytics.

Predictive Forecasting

Do you manage spreadsheets tracking weekly or monthly KPIs? Trash those and let Elevar take care of this for you. Elevar reports, forecasts, and alerts you of anomalies during each milestone.


Utilize our pre-built eCommerce dashboards to save time or customize to fit your needs. Custom reports can be shared through private URLs or emailed to your team.

Multi-Property Accounts

Do you manage multiple client accounts? Create a single login and add as many properties to your account as you would like. Each property can have it’s own data sources and custom reports.

Take Action
On Today’s Data

Don’t settle for stale data. With Elevar, spend less time pulling and analyzing reports, and more energy on strategizing new business opportunities. Insights are automated so that you’re using real-time data to make big-time decisions.

KPI Forecasting

Create weekly or monthly goals in less than 60 seconds to generate future forecasts using up to 5 years of historical data. Get an edge on your competition by putting more of your data to work.

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Whether you’re a hands on analyst, digital marketer, or agency that manages multiple clients, Elevar can help. Sign up for a 14 day free trial today.