Alerts Monitor Your Business

No more manual digging through 100’s of reports to look for what’s changed. Elevar’s powerful alert system monitors all of your forecasts and insights daily helping to protect your business.


Clear View on What's Changed

Use the alerts dashboard to look at daily, weekly, or monthly changes in your data. Then use this to hone in on channels that are under-performing or UX issues that need your team’s attention.

Customize To Your Unique Business

By default we set your alert threshold to 30%. Elevar will notify you any time your forecast or insight KPIs change by 30% or more (increase or decrease). But you can disable or customize the % threshold for any forecast or insight to reduce noise in your inbox.


Alerts Sent via Email

You have the flexibility to enable alerts to be sent daily, weekly, or never. Alerts configured in Elevar will be the same for all team members added to your property.

Alerts allow you to keep your team up-to-date on significant changes to your business. Keeping the team informed will help speed up process for iterating and fixing revenue impacting issues.

Get Started Today

See Elevar in action by signing up for a free trial. All plans come with our money back guarantee.

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