Protect the Quality of Your Data Without the Manual Work

Auditing the accuracy of analytics tracking is expensive in time and $$. And historically this was an activity that needed to be completed frequently. But –  you can now leverage automated error detection so you know when any of your tracking breaks.

How Does Data Layer Error Tracking Help You?

Accurate Google Analytics Data

If you rely on Google Tag Manager to send data to Google Analytics then ensuring you know when tracking breaks will prevent dirty data that hinders data-driven decision making.

Improved Remarketing Performance

It’s easy for missing or inaccurate data set up in your marketing tags to go unnoticed. It could be incorrect SKU for add to cart events or missing revenue on transactions. These will negatively impact your performance.

Save on Development Costs

Lets face it. Developers like to build, not troubleshoot analytics tags. With Elevar you can have detailed analysis on what isn’t working, why, and where to find the problem.

Leverage Built-In Tag Manager Technology

The way it works is simple. We use our custom built data layer templates from Google’s Community Template Gallery which includes logic for things like: is this variable (like order revenue) required when included in a tag that fires?

Or should a variable be a string or number? Even scenarios like: flag an order with $0 or $50,000 revenue that could affect your Facebook pixel optimizations.

These are all possible with our data layer monitoring.

Customize To Your Needs

Any data layer variable can be monitored – even if you aren’t using Elevar’s data layer. The process to modify these are simple and in your complete control. Plus if you add to your data layer in the future then these can be automatically covered as well.


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Can I get just your data layer?

You have two options to choose from. Our one-time installation of $199 is a not a monthly plan. You get the entire data layer for your Shopify store (other platforms need to work directly with us) and all of our pre-built tags. Our monthly plans include our analytics, monitoring, and other solutions to help you grow your business.

How do you compare to Segment?

Segment is a great product for Enterprise companies that have complex data collection processes, multiple apps for collecting data (think website and mobile app), and have teams that can manage server side backend implementations. The majority of non-Enterprise eCommerce companies can leverage Google Tag Manager and a unified data layer for many of the same things without the extra cost.

Do you have a trial?

Yes – our basic plan comes with a 14 day free trial.

Where can I see all of your data layer documentation?

The best resource is importing our pre-built containers that contain our tags, triggers, and variables. From here you can review the variable data to match up against your needs. The best part – if something doesn’t exist then we can help get this added to your data layer for you!

Are there premium features?

Yes we do. Our PRO plans come with hands on eCommerce strategy with our analysts to help you implement a robust data layer and conversion optimization plan proven to drive results.