eCommerce Dashboards

Elevar is not just another dashboard tool that requires a large amount of time setting up and interpreting data. Dashboards only provide the “what,” whereas Elevar surfaces the “why” and “how” you can improve.

Strategic Planning

With 100’s of pre-built insights and charts to choose from, you can customize a view and action plan that is relevant to your team’s responsibilities.

Customizable and
Mobile Friendly

We understand all businesses are unique. Whether you choose from one of our pre-built dashboards or configure your own, you will always be able to access on any device for up to the minute reports on how you’re performing.

Do You Need Customization?

We can work with almost any data source. If we don’t have a data source available that you need then we’ll work with you to integrate. We can also help merge offline data with your online data to help give you a complete picture of your marketing performance.

Explore More Features

eCommerce Insights

By using your current and historical data to build intelligence, Elevar surfaces your most critical takeaways so you know where to take action.

Marketing Analytics

Discover what channels don’t meet user intent and how to address acquisition and retention issues. Then, implement Elevar’s recommendations.


Elevar analyzes conversion data across all marketing channels to help prioritize your marketing efforts and spend. We can even help implement a process for you to follow.

Predictive Forecasting

Create KPI goals critical to your success. Elevar reports, forecasts, and alerts you of anomalies during each milestone.


Utilize our eCommerce dashboards to save time or customize to fit your needs. Elevar’s flexibility adapts to your business.


Visualize your data in an interface created around the insights that drive your business. Your reports never looked better.

Start Building Dashboards to Help Manage Your Business — Fast.

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