eCommerce Insights

Optimizing your existing traffic and building top of mind awareness for your brand are tactics we see successful Shopify store owners excel at.

Elevar helps reduce the time it takes to analyze your Google Analytics data so you have more time to optimize. Plus – our Elevar Pro plans help offload these optimization activities to our expert eCommerce team.

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Potential Revenue Impact

Elevar translates each insight into $$ so you can quantify your strategic planning. Where should you take action next – on the $5,000 or $50,000 insight? Elevar automates the complex math calculations to your insights so you’re more informed on low-hanging fruit.

Filter for Opportunities

You can quickly filter and sort insights to help save you time. By changing the date range you can quickly scan and look for trends on your key KPIs – like cost per transaction or add to carts.

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Funnel Analysis

All users have access to our pre-built GTM containers that can be implemented to help translate your traffic into precise funnels from home page => checkout and everything in between.

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Built from Experience

We’ve worked with hundreds of brands on platforms like Shopify – from startups to IR 500 businesses. We understand how to scale and Elevar makes this process faster.