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Elevar reduces the time it takes to analyze and translate your data so you can take action faster. See what makes our analysis tools unique from Google Analytics.


Micro Funnel Analysis

View your data translated into trends and pass/fail thresholds that you set. This allows you to quickly discover areas on your website that require your attention – like the checkout => thank you funnel shown in the image – so you can prioritize your roadmap.

Complex Math Made Simple

You can quickly simulate your KPI changes to see exactly how much revenue this will add to your business. This is a critical step in evaluating where you should focus your time and resources – vs just winging it that leads to stagnant growth.

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Discover Where Your Customers are Leaving

Each insight has related table based reports that automatically provide compare to period % changes. This allows you to quickly spot pages, products, or behavior that is changing and impacting your conversion rate.

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