Turn Your Data Into Actionable Funnels

Build your own custom funnel from Google Analytics data. Yes – that’s right – a custom funnel using all of your historical data. Plus when combined with our Event Builder you can create a funnel that combines pageview and user behavior data.


Funnels Personalized to Your Website

Elevar allows you to translate your Google Analytics data into any custom funnel that you’d like. Plus – group your funnel by dimension so you can hone in on segments (like device type) to surface hidden insights.

Unlimited Options

You can create any number of funnel steps with any combination of filters. The result: a closed funnel (meaning every user has to complete the previous funnel steps) so you can see the exact % drop off from each step and optimize the steps that are under-performing.


Ready to build your own funnels yet?

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How does this really work?

Once you complete your signup, we build a connection to your Google Analytics API. Then when building your funnel we create what’s called a sequence segment for each step in the funnel and send this request to the Analytics API. The result? A funnel that is otherwise impossible to create outside of GA360.

How can funnels help me?

Many of our customers use funnels to help them monitor specific campaigns, drive a/b testing ideas, and frankly just make their Google Analytics data more actionable.

Do you have a trial?

Yes – our basic plan comes with a 14 day free trial.

Do I need to have a GTM account to use this?

No you do not. Only Google Analytics.

Are there premium features?

Yes we do. Our PRO plans come with hands on eCommerce strategy with our analysts to help you implement a robust conversion optimization plan proven to drive results.