Goal Forecasting

Set KPI goals by week or month over any time period. With this, Elevar predicts where you are trending against your goal and surfaces insights to help prioritize your strategy.


Segment goals by channel

Not only will you receive instant pass/fail insights on 1,000’s of reports pulled from your Google Analytics data, Elevar also supports custom forecasting across any metric and dimension.


Business goal monitoring

Elevar eliminates repetitive manual reporting. Configure your goals once — for example 2018 Revenue or Mobile Email Transactions — and let Elevar handle the ongoing reporting of historical data. Plus you get the forecasted trend for the rest of your goal period.

Weekly meeting prep

What is our growth by channel? How are we performing against goal? How is the latest campaign performing? These are some of the questions that Elevar will help answer for you along with easy access to detailed insights to share during your weekly meetings.

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Google Analytics Insights

Elevar automates the analysis of thousands of Google Analytics datasets in seconds. You’re then able put your own insights into action with expert tips and recommendations.

Marketing Analytics

Elevar surfaces acquisition, retention, and engagement performance across all marketing channels. Get instance access to performance on landing pages and more.


Elevar is the only product that combines Google’s MCF attribution reports with your core analytics reports. This is a huge time-saver to help you apply attribution insights to your own marketing.

Predictive Forecasting

The old way of doing things was looking (only) at historical data to make decisions. The new way is using forecasting that translates your historical data into future trends. Elevar does this in seconds.

Analytics Education

All of Elevar’s insights explain the what, why, and how you can apply to your own business. Google Analytics can be overwhelming – Elevar helps simplify this analysis for you.

Multi-Property Accounts

Do you manage multiple clients or have multiple GA properties? Add as many properties to your account as you would like. Plus add team members and manage access permissions.

If Elevar doesn't save you time, we'll refund your money.

Plans start at $99/month with a 14 day free trial.

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