Automatically Forecast Your Key KPIs

Put your historical data to use by visualizing forecasts for data critical to your performance. Just like you utilize weather forecasts to plan ahead, Elevar allows you to do the same for your business.


Business Intelligence with Relevance

Whether you create forecasts for big metrics like revenue and conversion rate or channel specific like paid search revenue or traffic, you will have an at-a-glance visual on where your performance is trending.

Build Product Level Forecasts

Find the products or product categories that are most likely to improve your chances to hit your annual revenue goal.

By pulling up to 5 years of historical data, Elevar’s forecast will even out ebbs and flows of transactions over time. This can help when sales might be taking a short-term dip causing stress over the unknown of “why”.


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Visualize your forecasts by signing up for a free trial. All plans come with our money back guarantee.

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