Marketing Analytics

Understanding user intent when visitors enter your website unlocks valuable conversion optimization tactics. Elevar segments user behavior data by channel to surface key insights for your landing pages and funnels.

Automated Traffic Analysis

Get a glimpse into how we analyze and report on all of your traffic by marketing channel leveraging Google Analytics. Elevar saves you hours of time by analyzing standard reports and only surfacing issues that need your attention.

Landing Page Analysis

Where are your best organic traffic drivers falling short? Learn how to engage users who are exiting at the wrong time.

Customer Acquisition

How is organic traffic helping in overall customer acquisition? Is your site prepared for #voicesearch and long tail success?

Cost Savings

Elevar automates reports from Google Analytics to help you save wasteful spend. You’ll also discover what campaigns are most profitable.

Optimize for Paid Search

See how Elevar surfaces your best and worst performing landing pages so you can fine tune your campaigns to maximize paid spend ROI.

Product merchandising
insights for action

Elevar automates the analysis of key reports that can help you make faster decisions on product merchandising. What isn’t selling well on key channels?

Goal tracking and
KPI forecasting

Are you failing on key benchmarks? Use Elevar to help ideate new strategies to get on track towards your goals.

Explore More Features

eCommerce Insights

By using your current and historical data to build intelligence, Elevar surfaces your most critical takeaways so you know where to take action.

Marketing Analytics

Discover what channels don’t meet user intent and how to address acquisition and retention issues. Then, implement Elevar’s recommendations.


Elevar analyzes conversion data across all marketing channels to help prioritize your marketing efforts and spend. We can even help implement a process for you to follow.

Predictive Forecasting

Create KPI goals critical to your success. Elevar reports, forecasts, and alerts you of anomalies during each milestone.


Utilize our eCommerce dashboards to save time or customize to fit your needs. Elevar’s flexibility adapts to your business.


Visualize your data in an interface created around the insights that drive your business. Your reports never looked better.

Get the Insights that Matter for Your Marketing Strategy — Fast.

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