Marketing Analytics

Do you have multiple stakeholders managing and optimizing different channels?

This can result in marketing tunnel vision that sacrifices overall attribution optimization. Elevar helps by automating multi-channel insights that all team members can quickly review.


Landing Page Analysis

Discover insights across your marketing funnel segments. These reports are key for your marketing teams to understand the type of messaging best fit to match advertising intent.

AdWords Insights

Elevar automates key reports from AdWords data such as ROAS, keyword analysis, cost per transaction, and much more. Merging this with onsite behavior data can help make faster decisions to save on spend or amplify successes.


Attribution Reports

Making data accessible across marketing teams on how channels perform between first-click, assists, and last-click conversions is easy with Elevar custom reports.

Collaboration Across Teams

Leave comments on each insight to coordinate who’s taking action and when. Communication within the context of insights will keep a record of changes and an easy way for team members to catch up.


See how Elevar improves cross-team collaboration.

No technical setup required. Unlimited custom reports.

Built from Experience

We’ve worked with hundreds of brands on platforms like Shopify – from startups to IR 500 businesses. We understand how to scale and Elevar makes this process faster.