Prioritize Your Team Based on Revenue

Elevar puts Google Analytics on steroids by transforming your behavior segments into revenue opportunities. You can go from making changes based on gut feeling to focusing on the areas of your site that are costing you the most money.

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Visualize Your Data in Dollars

Elevar translates your data into dollars by doing the “what if” scenario. “What if I improve my add to cart to initiate checkout from 29% to 44%”? Answer: $64,000 in a 30 day period. This type of analysis can be a major boost to conversion optimization strategies. Why focus on a $5K lift when you have a $75K opportunity farther down your funnel?

Complex Math Made Simple

You can quickly simulate your KPI changes to see exactly how much revenue this will add to your business. This is a critical step in evaluating where you should focus your time and resources – vs just winging it that leads to stagnant growth.


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