Google Tag Manager for Shopify Without The Headaches

Do you need more accurate and reliable data?

Install GTM, the data layer, and all of your marketing tag needs with this simple 1-click implementation.

You’ll receive pre-built tags, triggers, and variables for Google Analytics, Facebook, AdWords, Klaviyo, Snapchat, and much more. Loved by over 1,500 stores with 97% 5 star reviews.

How Will This App Help You?

Robust Data Layer

Automate the creation of the GTM data layer for use in Google Analytics, Enhanced eCommerce and marketing tags. You can edit, add to, or delete any aspect of the data layer that we create in your store.

Facebook & AdWords Tracking

You have full control over all Facebook and AdWords events. Including variant views, dynamic checkout, customizing purchase data, and more. So if you need an advanced or custom implementation then this simplifies the process for you.

Automated Marketing Tags

Save time from having to manually create marketing tags from scratch. We offer 10+ pre-built marketing tags that map to your new data layer. Facebook, AdWords, Bing, Snapchat and many more. Plus we send data like LTV, manual advanced matching and much more.

Step 1: Data Layer Installation

Once you install and  configure your GTM ID then we automatically inject the data layer snippets into your theme. This includes customer account data, collection pages, product pages, add to cart, checkout, and purchase page variables. The data layer follows the exact standards outlined by Google here.


Step 2: Tag Configuration

We provide you with pre-built “done for you” containers that you can import into your GTM container. Do you need Facebook tags? AdWords dynamic remarketing? Enhanced eCommerce? Pinterest? We got you covered!


Step 3: Customize Everything

We’ve seen it all when it comes to GTM management. This app can be customized to support transactions for offsite payments, multiple product feeds, multi-locations, GDPR consent management, and much more. Plus you can add custom dimensions and metrics to advance your data collection even further.


Common Issues Fixed

Have you encountered data quality issues with your store? Or maybe you’ve needed to customize your analytics or marketing tracking but haven’t been able to.

Here are the common issues this app solves:

✅ Google Analytics checkout funnel and add to cart % reporting

✅ Google Analytics product names…removing variant from the name

✅ Redacting PII from Google Analytics

✅ Facebook manual advanced matching

✅ Facebook variant ID used in events

✅ Facebook initiate checkout event

✅ Recharge and other 3rd party payment apps that require conversion tracking

✅ Missing conversion data

Do-It-Yourself Install

For stores managing GTM themselves

$199 one time fee

Install On App Store

Core features include:

  • GTM Installation
  • Complete Data Layer
  • Enhanced eCommerce
  • Thank You Page Variables
  • Manual Advanced Matching Data
  • Pre-Built Marketing Tags
  • Email Support

Includes DIY plan, plus:

  • GTM Audit & Cleanup
  • "Done For You" Event Tagging/li>
  • Event Builder Chrome Extension
  • Custom Funnel Builder
  • Data Layer Error Monitoring
  • Conversion Tag Monitoring
  • Custom Funnel Builder
  • Revenue Insights

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Is this a monthly plan?

You have two options too choose from. Our one-time installation of $199 is a not a monthly plan. You get everything listed above. The $83/month plan ($1K) is our special plan for stores that want more hands-on assistance and leverage our solutions to help increase conversion rates.

Are you a Shopify Plus Partner?

Yes, we are an official Shopify Plus partner as part of their digital marketing vertical.

Do you have a trial?

We do not offer a trial for our GTM Suite due to the “immediate” value received after the app is installed. Everything is done for you within minutes.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. We stand behind our product and work. If you are ever unsatisfied then email [email protected] so we can process a refund.

Are there premium features?

Yes! Our paid upgrades unlock features like automated tag and data layer monitoring, event analysis, funnel builder, and automated API importing to GTM for tag creation. You can view all plans here.