4 Types of AdWords Campaigns for eCommerce

Learn about the types of campaigns you can run inside of AdWords.

Brad Redding:

Before getting into our audience and conversion and remarketing tag management for AdWords I just want to do a quick reset to make sure we’re all on the same page on the types of campaigns that you can run inside of AdWords. Now, one thing to get clear, I do not consider myself an AdWords expert nor do we focus on managing AdWords campaigns at Elevar. Our job and our focus is to ensure that AdWords is getting the right remarketing data, the most rich and abundance of event based remarketing data or event based data that can be applied to remarketing audience lists that can ultimately be applied to campaigns, and we’ve learned over the years that just the nomenclature alone can get very confusing between campaigns and remarketing tags versus AdWords IDs and conversion labels, and conversion IDs and conversions. It becomes a big mix and if you’re not talking the same language in terms of the AdWords language or nomenclature, then it’s easy to fall off track.

Just to start with the four campaign types inside of AdWords, we have our search campaigns. Our search campaigns have really been there since day one. You type in some sort of a search query, a search keyword, and you’re going to see a set of ads that will pop up here at the top, generally, the top of our search bar. Now, depending on when you’re watching this, there could be sidebar ads or there could be any number of change, but our search ads are really the main campaign type that many of us are using in our day to day search campaign or AdWords campaign process. The second type is shopping campaigns, and our shopping campaigns are really these products, so it’s our product listing, that appear at the top, or again, potentially in a sidebar or other placements. But, generally, if we’re just looking at this example, it’s this list of products that are marked as ads.

If you click into the shopping tab here, this will bring you to a full list of products that, again, this is really the richness of Google Shopping and we’re going to get more of that just browser window shopping type of behavior from consumers. And this is dependent on your Google Merchant Center being connected and having your product catalog feed uploaded, accurate, and adhering to the Google product policies. That’s campaign type number two, Google Shopping. Now campaign type number three is going to be all of the different ads. Now, granted, these aren’t necessarily all from Google Display, but it’s going to be our display type of advertising where there are banners or its products contain within banners.

Very similar to what you’d see with Criteo, AdRoll, etc., but it’s going to be your display campaigns where you’re browsing. In this example, I’m on the, and I’m seeing different ads that, for us, we’re seeing some of our customer sites or just previous sites that I’ve visited. The third campaign type again is display, and within display, and really with any campaign type, you have your prospecting campaigns and you have your retargeting campaigns. The retargeting is very highly driven based on the retargeting data that you are sending from your site back into AdWords.

The last campaign type is video and with video it’s primarily going to be YouTube and just a very generic search term here. If I click into any one of these, I’m likely to get bombarded potentially with an ad that’s going to immediately pop up. So you’ll see a video ad before I actually get into watch the video, and depending on the length of these videos, there can be different ads that I’ll see throughout the process. So we’ll just go through one more time, should see a different ad pop up here.

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So there we go. We have a couple of different videos. Campaign type number four, video campaigns. We’ll get into audience management and how we can utilize your video watcher data, apply that back to different campaigns, and bid up or down on that. And again, those are the four basic campaign types. We have our search, we have shopping, we have display, and finally we have video.

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