How to Blend Intelligems Data with Google Analytics

Elevar helps you send Intelligems testing data to Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager. Set up takes just a few minutes without a single line of code.

About Intelligems

Intelligems helps brands maximize their margins by A/B testing their pricing on Shopify.

Integration Specs

  • Google Tag Manager Data Layer: Required
  • Customizable Google Tag Manager Template: Yes
  • Implementation Skill Level: Beginner

Events Included in Template

  1. Experiment Name Custom Dimension for Google Analytics
  2. Control vs Test Group Name Custom Dimension for Google Analytics

Download Container

If you have an Elevar account, go to your Pre-Built Tags and download the Intelligems container shown here:

Download Intelligems Integration for Google Tag Manager

Click to download this container to import into your own GTM Account.

Steps To Implement Intelligems <> GA Integration with Google Tag Manager

Follow these steps to get your tracking set up in no time:

  1. Ensure you have a data layer implemented on your store that pushes Shopify data (like product SKU, revenue) into the data layer*
  2. Ensure you are on the latest version of Intelligem’s tracking script [Email their support team if you’re unsure!]
  3. Download the Intelligems tag container and import it into your GTM account.
  4. Create Two New Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics
    1. Experiment Name
    2. Control vs Test Group Name
  5. Update the GA – Event – Intelligems Test tag with the index numbers that match the custom dimensions you just created
  6. Add your Google Analytics property ID to the variable titled GA Property ID for Intelligems Import.
  7. Use Google Tag Manager’s Preview Mode to validate that the new event fires and data pulls through properly
  8. Once verified then publish

*If you don’t have the Elevar data layer yet, install the GTM Suite from the Shopify app store which implements the complete data layer in 1 click. 

Custom Dimension Configuration

When creating your Custom Dimensions, make them user scoped as in the examples below:

(“Elevar”) is strongly committed to protecting and respecting your privacy rights.