GTM Recipe (Shopify): Apply Coupon Click

This recipe is for creating Universal Analytics Event Tags in Google Tag Manager when customers click “Apply Coupon” in checkout on Shopify stores.

This event allows you to view how different channels complete your checkout process after attempting coupon codes. Here’s an example insight report from Elevar:


All GTM accounts have the ability to import containers within GTM > Admin > Import Container.

Always test on a staging container and website prior to importing to production and publishing.

What’s Inside this Recipe

You’ll find (1) tags, (1) triggers, and (0) variables. Very easy!


How to Modify this Recipe

No modifications needed for this recipe.

If you want to test this first: Import this into your GTM container, and prior to publishing go into preview mode and proceed to checkout. Try clicking the apply coupon button and you should see this tag fire in your GTM preview console.

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NOTE: Always merge these containers when importing into GTM. Never select overwrite! 

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