How To Blend EnquireLabs Data with Google Analytics

Elevar powers your data layer and server-side tracking needed to connect Google Analytics and EnquireLabs.

beginner Implementation Difficulty

Integration Specs

  • Channel Accuracy Monitoring
  • Requires Elevar Data Layer
  • GTM server-side client customizable
  • Chrome Extension

  • GTM Web Container

What's Included


What customer events are tracked in this integration

  • Purchase

Customer Parameters

What customer parameters are tracked in this integration

Step 1: Data Layer

Ensure you have a data layer implemented on your store that pushes Shopify data (like product SKU, revenue) into the data layer.*

Step 2: Update ID

Update your Google Analytics property ID in the tag settings.

Step 3: Download Container

Download the container and import into your GTM account. If you have an Elevar account already, go to your Pre-Built Tags and download the EnquireLabs container shown here:


Download EnquireLabs Integration for Google Tag Manager

Click to download this container to import into your own GTM Account.

Step 4: Verify Tag

Go through each event you’ve implemented and verify the tag triggers after a question is answered.

Step 5: Publish

Once verified then publish.

Step 6: (Optional) Custom Dimensions in GA

Advanced Tip

Configure custom dimensions in Google Analytics to help with more advanced analysis following these steps:

  1. Create two new dimensions in your GA property as shown below on the right
  2. Map the dimension index number on your GA Event – EnquireLabs tag as shown on the left (note how 3 and 4 index number map to the index # in Google Analytics)


If you’d like to watch how blending qualitative and quantitative data can help improve your own attribution insights then watch the video below:

Compatible Data Sources


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