Implement TikTok Pixel with Shopify via GTM

Without a single line of code and done in minutes, Elevar helps you implement all of your TikTok dev mode pixel events to Shopify through Google Tag Manager using the most up-to-date requirements for dev mode integration.

Plus – these Tiktok tag templates come with built-in monitoring so you’re the first to know when a tag breaks and stops collecting the proper data you need.

This integration supports all of the remarketing and eCommerce audience options available with your TikTok business manager.

About TikTok Pixel

Reach diverse audiences around the world through TikTok Ads, on one of the world’s fastest-growing mobile apps.

Learn more about Tik Tok Ads here.

Integration Specs

  • Available for Elevar Error Monitoring: Yes
  • Require Google Tag Manager Data Layer: Yes
  • Is Google Tag Manager Template Customizable: Yes
  • TikTok Chrome Extension: Download and install here
  • Implementation Skill Level: Beginner

Events Included in Template

  1. Sitewide pageview
  2. Product details view
  3. Add to Cart
  4. Initiate checkout
  5. Place an order
  6. Search

User Properties Included in Template

  1. Email (for enhanced matching)

Download Container

If you have an Elevar account already, go to your Pre-Built Tags and download the TikTok container shown here:


Download TikTok GTM Recipe for Shopify

Click to download this container to import into your own GTM Account.

Steps To Implement TikTok Pixel with Shopify

Follow these steps to get your pixel tracking in no time:

  1. Ensure you have a data layer implemented on your store that pushes Shopify data (like product SKU, revenue) into the data layer *
  2. Input your TikTok pixel ID in the container settings
  3. Download the container and import into your GTM account
  4. Put GTM into preview mode
  5. Go through each event you’ve implemented from the table above and verify the pixel fires as expected using the TikTok Pixel Helper Chrome Extension
  6. Once verified then publish

*If you don’t have one yet, install the Elevar GTM Tag Management Suite from app store which implements complete data layer in 1 click. 

Common Issues

  1. You might receive an error in the Chrome Extension that you are missing an enhanced email match. Unless your user is logged in or on the checkout thank you page then you will not have this data to pass.
  2. If you are running dynamic product remarketing then ensure you have the same primary product ID in your catalog that matches the product ID uploaded in TikTok.