How To Test Sending Data From Website To Server Side Container

Now that you’ve completed the steps required to create your server side container, configure your custom subdomain, and publish a data layer, you’re ready to start sending data to your server side container!

This guide will teach you how to test sending data from your website to your Google Analytics property (Universal Analytics and App + Web).

Please keep in mind that this is showing an example of how to use a GTM web container tag to send data to a Universal Analytics and App+Web Analytics property.

It’s a single pageview tag for testing purposes only. Not a full enhanced eCommerce implementation.

Step 1: Create Variable and Tag in Web Container

First, create a new Google Analytics property to test with (don’t test with your live GA property!).

This should just be a Universal Analytics property type.

Then in your web container, complete the following:

  1. Create a new Google Analytics variable
  2. Update the Transport URL setting on your Google Analytics variable with your subdomain URL like this:

ga variable set-transport-url

Then create a new Universal Analytics pageview tag and assign this variable to it and select “All Pages” as trigger:

create new GA tag

Step 2: Update Server Side Container Settings

In this first step head over to your server side container > admin > and then update the URL shown below to be your new custom subdomain URL.

update ss container url

Then head over to Triggers inside your SS container and create a new trigger. 

Select “Custom” and set the trigger filter to be “Client Name” equals “Universal Analytics” as shown below. 

create SS container trigger

This is using the built-in Client that comes native with your SS container.

Next up is go to Tags in your SS container.

Create a new Universal Analytics tag as shown below. All you have to do is assign the trigger you just created and click save.

create SS tag for GA

That’s it!

Now create another Tag, this time create App + Web.

You’ll need to grab your measurement ID from the App + Web property you created in the previous step:

app+web measurment-id

And then update it in the tag inside your SS container here:

setup app + web tag

That’s it!

This example shows how to use the same data pipeline from your GTM web container to power two Analytics property tags in your server side container.

Step 3: Test Sending Data To Your SS Container

You’ll need to put your web container and SS container into preview mode. 

Inside your SS container click “preview” in the top right corner and you should see a new tab pop open like this:

ss container preview mode

Now head over to your website and refresh your homepage. 

You should see your GTM web container in preview mode as well. 

Inside your server side preview tab and you should see something like this:

server side pageview hit

If you do – then success! 

You successfully sent data from your website to your SS container 🙂 

Step 4: Verify Data Was Sent to GA

Head on over to your Google Analytics property that you configured in your tags to validate the hits were sent from your server side container.

Go to your Real Time report and you should see your hits like this:

real time report

You can check the Real Time report inside your App + Web property as well.

You’ve successfully connected your website to your server side container and sent data to Google Analytics – nice job!

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