How to Double Your Conversion Rate in 100 Days + 7 Email Optimization Tactics with Ben Zettler

Brad Redding and Ben Zettler break down a process they’d take if they were tasked with doubling an eCommerce brand’s conversion rate in 100 days. They discuss user testing, CRO, price testing, YouTube strategies, and dig deep into 7 high performing email growth optimizations.

How to Double Your Conversion Rate in 100 Days + 7 Email Optimization Tactics with Ben Zettler

Heather Osteen

Brad Redding, Elevar’s Founder and CEO, was joined by Ben Zettler, founder of Ben Zettler Digital Media, to talk about how to double your conversion rate in 100 days.


First, let’s make it clear that we’re not saying it’s easy to double your conversion rate in 100 days, but rather that it’s possible. If you have the fortitude to dig down deep into your current email tracks and contacts, get personal and up-close with them literally and figuratively (via data), you should be able to see a positive difference in your conversion rate.

Second – we’re going to have to toot our own horn for a minute here. If you’re on Shopify and find that you need more data from your data, and you don’t currently use Elevar’s Server-Side tracking, now’s the time. (It’s not just us saying it either – Ben plugs us shamelessly about midway through the podcast.)


Be sure to listen to the whole podcast, to get more about upping your email game today. 


Now, to dive right in:

Tactic Number One: Examine your site closely. Dig into the user experience your customers see. Would you buy from your site? Why yes? Why not? Though it should go without saying, map out your customer’s journey from beginning to conversion, and make notes throughout – where do you have to stop and ask ‘what?’ or ‘which button do I push next?’ or ‘is this right?’ If you see some hiccups (and you’re bound to find a couple), they do, too. Note each pause and make a plan to fix it so your customers’ journeys through your conversion finish line are seamless and simple.


Tactic Number Two: Take the time to talk to your customers, human to human. Make a list of your VIP segments and seek them out personally – via phone, email, text, etc – “…to understand their deep reasoning behind purchasing or not.” There’s a lot of nuance and details that can’t be sussed out in post-purchase surveys or automated email flows. Chances are that your VIPs – your repeat customers – have a lot to tell you about what’s great and what could be better on your site. And remember, most people really like being asked their opinion personally – it makes them feel valued.


Tactic Number Three: Last, but definitely not least, put all of this information together and come up with some good old fashioned A/B testing. In other words, as Ben explains,“Put your site in front of people who have not purchased from you before.” Take the information you learned from your own careful user experience note-taking journey and add to it the feedback you received from your VIP customer base – and turn that into (new) user testing. The questions you should look for answers to from that testing include:

  • Does your copy resonate with your target audience?
  • Does your hook resonate with your target audience?
  • Does your messaging resonate with your target audience?
  • Does your creative resonate with your target audience?


With the answers to these questions, you can re-test to see if you’ve hit the mark, so you’re using this whole examination process to continuously improve and optimize your audience’s experience with your store, with your brand, and ultimately encourage them to convert (more).

Of course, there’s a lot more optimization ideas to explore, so once again – listen to the whole podcast here to get the 7 Email Optimization Tactics w/Ben Zettler.



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