Improve Facebook Ad Performance by 20% or More

Reduce CPM and CPC expenses while increasing ROAS. Send 100% of conversions and unlock user data with Elevar server-side tracking and identity resolution.

1. Connect Facebook Pixel & CAPI
1. Connect Facebook Pixel & CAPI

Configure and connect your Meta destination settings in just a few minutes. No technical expertise required — our step by step process makes it simple.

2. Customize to Your Needs
2. Customize to Your Needs

You have full control over the data you’re sending to your Pixel. Customize product ids, subscription data, events, purchase value (total vs subtotal), and more.

3. Send Online & Offline Orders

With our server-side integration, you are not restricted to purchase events on your online store only. Choose to send (or block) orders from your online store, POS, draft orders, subscriptions, etc.

Real Customer Examples

Improved ROAS

D2C Cosmetics Brand

We migrated this longtime customer from Elevar’s Google Tag Manager Server-Side instance of CAPI to Elevar’s fully managed server-side tracking of CAPI.

The results after 14 days? An immediate increase in ROAS, reduction in CPC and CPM, all while Facebook spend increased by 5%, overall revenue increased by 26%, and attributed revenue in GA to Facebook increased by 13%.


Decreased CPM & CPC

Global Apparel Brand

After struggling with conversion tracking across multiple checkouts with Shopify and Global-E, we migrated this brand from the Native Facebook Channel App to Elevar.

The results? Significant reduction in CPM and CPCs which allowed them to scale through Q4 and “smash their targets for the year”.

Performance Boost

D2C Apparel Brand

This brand has two Shopify Plus stores that were utilizing the native Facebook Channel App. They were looking for help to boost their Facebook performance since this was their # 1 channel.

They migrated to Elevar’s server-side tracking and saw immediate results across all core metrics.


Improve Profitability

D2C Handbag Brand

With a heightened focus on profitability, this brand came to Elevar for help with maximizing performance from their # 1 channel. Their goal was to increase profitability of the business without shutting off paid marketing.

The results? A 14% reduction in cost per conversion along with improvement in core acquisition metrics.

How We Do It

Increase your business revenue through a better Facebook CAPI integration


Customize key features such as product ID type, revenue value, how to handle recurring subscription orders, what channels you’d like to send, and more. This gives you complete control over your pixel data.

Send Offline Orders

Chances are your customers are not just shopping through your online storefront today. You may offer options like Shop App, Facebook or TikTok Shops, POS, or Buy Now Buttons. You can send or block these orders.

User Identity Matching

Elevar collects and stores advanced matching parameters like fbc and fbc cookie values, email, phone number, address, and location data. Plus Elevar uses a server-side set 1 year user id that does not expire from iOS or browser restrictions.

Session Enrichment

Elevar can recognize returning users after a normal 24 hour or 7 day expiration enforced by Safari. Elevar then enriches customer activity through our Identity Graph and attaches this additional data to sent via Facebook CAPI to improve match rates and targeting.

GDPR & Consent Mode

Do you need to maintain GDPR or CCPA compliance with your server-side integrations? Elevar supports all major consent providers like OneTrust, Pandectes, iubenda, and more for client-side pixel and server-side CAPI hits sent to Facebook.

Subscription Events

If you sell subscription products then you can also choose to send a Subscribe event on the initial subscription signup. Then you can choose to send or block the recurring orders based on your campaign preference.

Compare Elevar to Facebook Channel App

Native App Elevar
PixelStandard client-side pixel
CAPISends events to CAPI for all pixel events
Automatic deduplicationPrevents over-reporting
Webhook EventsEnsures 100% of checkout and purchase events delivered
Run Multiple PixelsRun multiple pixels in parallel on site
Compatible with Subscription AppsTrack checkout and purchase events for offsite subscription providers like ReCharge
Recurring subscription eventsSend and customize action source
Consent AwareEasily integrate client and server-side for GDPR/CCPA compliance
Catalog FeedAutomate product feed from Shopify to Facebook catalog
User Data
Phone Number
External ID 24 hour – 7 day expiration 1 year expiration
Location Data
Address Data
_fbp cookie
_fbc cookie
Customization Options
Product ID TypeChoose from SKU, variant ID, or product ID
Revenue amountSelect with you want to send pre/post discounts, tax, and shipping
Send offsite ordersShop Pay, draft orders, POS, etc.
Post Purchase UpsellsSend main purchase and upsell/downsell purchase events

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