When Elevar came in they were pretty swift to take action. I remember stating I don't know what their price is but whatever it is, we are in.

Aman AdvaniCo-Founder

Ministry of Supply’s Challenge: Continuing to Innovate and Scale Through Data

When Ministry of Supply and Elevar began working together in 2019, Ministry of Supply was reeling from an incorrect purchase conversion that was causing havoc on their Facebook automations.

Shopify Plus introduced us to help come in to triage the problem and perform a site-wide analytics audit ‘reset’ to ensure there was a trustworthy foundation to continue to make decisions from.

Fast forward to today, Elevar continues to power multiple aspects of Ministry of Supply’s onsite analytics and data collection.

The list of wins continues to grow:

  • Migrating to Headless PWA site in late 2019
  • Facebook Conversion API
  • Server side tagging
  • Onsite behavior event tracking & analysis

Watch the video to learn more about how the team continues to innovate and iterate product lines to drive the core of the business while building amazing customer loyalty.

One of our favorite parts of the interview is Aman’s Product IQ and how they use this to drive marketing, messaging, and product development.


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