Brands Giving Back During COVID-19

It’s amazing to see all of the brands that are choosing to serve their community through creativity, generosity, and camaraderie.

It’s amazing to see all of the brands that are choosing to serve their community through creativity, generosity, and camaraderie.

Seeing how companies are adapting, overcoming, and giving back at our most vulnerable time is not only inspiring, but comforting

Whether it’s a company shifting its focus from clothing production to face masks, donating directly to the COVID-19 relief funds, providing meals for those in need, or helping give back to small businesses, people are doing their best to fill in the gaps and help those affected by this disease.

Below are a few examples of brands that are giving back during this unforeseen pandemic. See how you might be able to contribute towards fighting COVID-19, whether you are a consumer or a business owner.

Mack Weldon

As of April 2nd, whatever buyers spend, they will be donating 50% in the form of clothing essentials to New York area hospitals. They have already donated over $100k in clothing essentials.

Link to Mack Weldon.


Vessi Footwear

Vessi was able to donate over 1,000 pairs of shoes to the front line healthcare professionals in the fight against COVID19. They have also committed to the initial purchase of 30,000 medical masks that will be donated to Canadian and US organizations most in need. Along with this initial donation, the profits from every sale of Vessi’s will go to purchasing additional PPE to donate on your behalf.

Link to Vessi Footwear.


Ministry of Supply

As a company grounded in “Science for Better” is donating 20% of all sales to mask production + shifting resources to produce masks and respirators. 100% of donations will be used to produce and procure three types of masks: Face Masks, N95 Equivalent Respirators, and their own Maskº design.

Link to Ministry of Supply.


Buck Mason

Shifted a portion of domestic and import manufacturing capacity to producing non-medical face masks. Their goal is to produce 100,000 washable prevention face masks with antimicrobial layers to provide to our communities in California and the rest of the country.

Link to Buck Mason.



Has founded The Open Innovation Coalition, in order to make the greatest impact in the fastest way by involving more people and brands. It’s evident that the most basic supplies are needed immediately. With Rothy’s owning their own factory, some of these ideas they are able to start producing right away, and some are going to take a bit of time to perfect – but they will be rolling them out. To support the important work doctors, nurses and healthcare workers are doing on the front lines, they have also donated $20,000 to Direct Relief to help fund COVID-19 relief efforts.

Link to Rothy’s.


Cuts Clothing

Is donating 5% of all proceeds towards the Direct Relief’s Coronavirus Outbreak fund to help provide personal protective equipment to US healthcare workers.

Link to Cuts Clothing.


The Honest Company

Has committed to donating 3 million diapers, 30,000 packs of wipes, and 20,000 personal care products this year. They will be distributed through family resource centers, homeless shelters, health clinics, and head start centers to families impacted by the spread of COVID-19.

Link to Honest.



Offering something as simple as free shipping – to caregivers who are trying to limit their trips to the store.

Link to Wellements.


Hello Bello

Developed a web page to simply keep customers informed on where they are at with inventory, supplies, restocks, etc. during this crisis – communication with clients is key.

Link to Hello Bello.


Tula Skincare

Started “Masks for Masks” where any purchase of a pack of face masks (at 50% off) will send 100% of proceeds towards medical masks for NYC’s COVID-19 frontline healthcare workers. In addition, Tula has already donated funds to cover thousands of protective masks.

Link to Tula.


All Birds

Has already donated $500,000 worth of shoes. Beginning March 24th and running while supplies last, you can bundle any shoe purchase with a donation to immediately supply a pair of Wool Runners to a healthcare professional. If your shoe rack is full, but you’d still like to support, you can donate a specially priced pair as well.

Link to All Birds.



Senior Leadership Team has gone as far as reducing their salaries by 20% and all members of the Board of Directors will forgo their cash retainer. The savings will be used to establish the new We Stand Together Fund which will aid employees affected by COVID-19.

Link to Lululemon.



Is offering a 25% off sitewide discount code (STAYHOME) encouraging buyers to shop from home and stay healthy. They are also contributing a portion of sales to help small business affected by COVID-19.

Link to Snow.



Is offering free shipping on all candle orders + 10-15% off orders to help you stay connected to your loved ones. They are also donating 10% of proceeds to support vulnerable communities at this time.

Link to Homesick.



For the next three weeks, when you shop online, you can support your favorite local Corkcicle retailer. They will credit the store of your choosing for your purchase as if it had been bought directly from them. During the checkout process there is a new section titled “Support My Local Store,” you enter the name, city, and state of the retailer you want to shop for and they will mail them a check with their total profits once the program ends.

Link to Corkcicle.


Restoration Hardware

Has changed their homepage to a thank you page – to all of the doctors, nurses, hospitals, truckers, stockers, clerks, checkers, baggers, drivers, delivery teams, transportation companies, sanitation facilities, janitorial teams – everyone who is putting their own health at risk to protect ours.

Link to Restoration Hardware.



Has shifted their focus to dedicating manufacturing capacity to face mask production urgently needed in the US to fight the spread of the virus. They encourage everyone that we all have a responsibility to our individual communities to follow the guidance of our health authorities to help impede the spread of COVID-19 – practice good hygiene habits, social distancing, and help each other find some comfort in these trying times.

Link to Champion.



Added a video of their Founder & CEO addressing the effect that the Coronavirus Outbreak is having on food. He discusses how they are following CDC, FDA, USDA, and WHO guidelines having their facility regulated by both federal, state, local, and county regulators for safe food manufacturing practices. Reassuring customers that they are safe with well trained employees using everything from gloves, hairnets, food safety, and sanitizing.. designed to prevent from food borne illnesses giving them an advantage in this global crisis – build relationships with your customers during this time, be open and willing to address the current situation.

Link to Trifecta.



Has partnered with Nestlé to donate $500,000 to Meals on Wheels America, to help vulnerable seniors amid COVID-19.

Link to Freshly.


Kendra Scott

50% of all proceeds from their “Shop for Good” collection will support the Feeding America’s network of food banks, empowering children to live their brightest and healthiest lives by providing nutrition to those who face hunger while schools are closed.

Link to Kendra Scott.


Pacific Shaving CO.

100% of proceeds from online sales, through the month of March, went towards helping fund the CDC Foundation.

Link to Pacific Shaving Co.



Is using their facilities to help tackle the hand sanitizer shortage by producing the formula recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) during this pandemic – all profits are donated to the WHO.

Link to Apostrope.



In response to healthcare frontlines running low on masks, Casetify is diverting resources to create FDA-approved surgical masks. To kick off this effort, Casetify is starting with a donation of 10,000 masks to Direct Relief, and will continue to donate a mask for every Ultra Impact Case sold. They have also rolled out a new UV Sanitizer – it destroys 99.9% of germs that live on your phone’s surface, and 100% of its proceeds go to Global Giving’s Coronavirus Relief Fund. With every online order a pack of sanitizing wipes will also be included. And they have also partnered with the nonprofit organization Malala Fund, donating 100% of the proceeds from the Her Impact Matters collection.

Link to Casetify.



Has an “optional sale” running where they are offering up to $40 off. However, if you pay full price they will donate those sale proceeds to Direct Relief, an organization delivering personal protective equipment to those fighting COVID-19.

Link to Brevitē.

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