[New Elevar Feature] Build Your Own Custom Funnel

Build your own custom funnel using any combination of your Google Analytics data! It takes less than 60 seconds – give it a try today!

I’m excited to share our newest feature release – Funnels!

If you’re a user of Google Analytics you have likely tried one of the following:

  • Using Goals to visualize paths people take on site
  • Using the Shopping Behavior funnel that tracks sessions to purchases
  • Using the Checkout behavior funnel to track your custom checkout steps

But you may have been frustrated with hitting one of the following roadblocks:

  • Goals aren’t retroactive – so you can visualize historical data
  • Goals are also only pageview based – you can’t combine pageviews and events
  • Shopping behavior is a strict closed funnel with predefined stages that may not match your specific shopping funnel
  • Checkout funnel is empty / can’t be updated because you don’t have access to the checkout theme code

Elevar’s Funnels fixes all of these issues!

  1. It’s retroactive – you can create a custom funnel using your historical data
  2. You can combine pageviews and events to create unique funnel steps
  3. You can create your own custom shopping behavior funnel with any stages you’d like
  4. You can create a checkout funnel using pageviews, events, or a combination of the two
  5. Plus a host of other ways to customize and build your own funnels!

Here are configuration options you have when building your funnels:

  1. Select Users OR Sessions for your funnel so you can include repeat visits/purchasers
  2. Slice your funnel by any dimension (ex. campaign, channel, product, etc) through a table report
  3. Add as many steps as you’d like
  4. Create your steps by using metric and dimension filters
  5. Customize funnel by marketing channel, pages on site, events on site etc


Here are a few example funnels that existing users have created:

Paid social funnel:


Custom category page funnel:


Facebook to Google marketing funnel:

facebook to google

Quiz funnel:

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Brad Redding

Brad, Founder of Elevar, has lived in eCommerce for nearly 15 years. Today Elevar helps thousands of eCommerce brands like Rothys, Vuori, Cuts Clothing, and Vessi maximize the value of their onsite data collection. He specializes in data analytics and conversion optimization to help brands exceed their business goals.

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