Introducing Our Growth Freaks Podcast Season 1: Breakdown’s With Fast Growing D2C Brands

See into the operation of amazing brands that are scaling from $0 to $100m+.

Introducing Our Growth Freaks Podcast Season 1: Breakdown’s With Fast Growing D2C Brands

Brad Redding

Brad Redding is the Founder & CEO of Elevar. Specializing in analytics, tracking, GTM, and conversion optimization.

Since 2017, we’ve been blessed to meet and partner with so many amazing brands.

And we never take this privilege for granted.

We get to see into the operation of amazing brands that are scaling from $0 to $100m+.

It’s amazing to watch and be part of!

And we want to share these stories with you.

That’s why I’m excited to announce our first season of the Growth Freaks podcast featuring 6 amazing brands:

  • Vessi
  • Ministry of Supply
  • Feel
  • Brevite
  • Oats Overnight
  • Cariuma

In each episode we breakdown:

  1. How they defined and celebrated their first milestones
  2. How capital is deployed in the company to help with growth
  3. Unique KPIs or data points used to help navigate the business
  4. Future of eCommerce vision

Be sure to set time aside to watch and learn!


Episode # 1: Vessi w/Gabriel Dias



  • Why Vessi had to shut down the site due to demand
  • Multiple $1m+ kickstarter campaigns
  • Scaling conversion rate quickly while maintaining prospecting growth
  • Paid traffic insights and why focus on CRO has helped scale profitably
  • Build data infrastructure early

Learn more about Vessi:

Episode # 2: Ministry of Supply w/Aman Advani


  • How to build your own product IQ to power marketing, content, and future product development
  • How to optimize each partner in ecosystem
  • How technology drives product innovation
  • CFO/Finance should reflect business priorities, not create them
  • Product Led eCommerce?

Learn more about Ministry of Supply:

Episode # 3: Feel w/Boris Hodakel


  • How Feel uses multiple investment funding rounds to fuel people powered company growth
  • How targeting fast-food junkies led to 50+% performance boost (for a health company!)
  • Why talking with customers works
  • Outlook on future of brand equity

Check out Feel at:

Episode # 4:  Brevite w/Dylan Kim


  • Be comfortable with who you are today / don’t focus on competitors
  • TikTok has taught transparency (and simple videos!) wins
  • A simple post-purchase thank you email leading to brand value
  • Process oriented is > shiny object chasing
  • How to buy back founder time
  • How to execute the bootstrapping mentality in paid acquisition

Learn more about Brevite:

Episode # 5: Oats Overnight w/Brian Tate


  • How lack of structure in marketing and manufacturing process became very painful at $10m revenue
  • Now it’s time to invest in people and processes
  • Why expanding into retail is critical
  • About unique subscription KPIs like re-order rate by monthly & gender cohorts to drive product changes
  • How to turn subscribers into focus groups managed by CS team

Learn more about Oats Overnight:

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