Marketing Tags.
Event Tracking.
Done For You.

Imagine how you’ll feel when you finally conquer your tagging and analytics checklist. Introducing Elevar’s “Done For You” 1 year deal!

This limited time plan was created to fast track your tagging and event analytics to give you more time to focus on marketing, sales, and conversion optimization.

Available Until June 30th

Special 1 Year Deal

$1,000 for 12 months of Elevar

This plan is supercharged with "done for you" tagging services in the first 30 days to help ensure GTM, your marketing tags, and event tracking are in a place to help you make informed decisions.
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Available Until June 30th

  • "Done For You" Sitewide Event Tagging
    Normally $750
  • "Done For You" Tag Monitoring Setup
    Normally $2,000
  • "Done For You" Google Tag Manager Tag Audit
    Normally $1,000
  • Google Tag Manager Suite App (for Shopify)
    Normally $199
  • Access to GTM Pre-Built Recipes
    Normally in $99/month plan
  • GTM Event Builder
    Normally in $99/month plan
  • Event Data Analysis
    Normally in $99/month plan
  • Marketing Tag Monitoring
    Normally in $99/month+ plan *up to 100K sessions/month
  • Data Layer Monitoring
    Normally in $99/month+ plan *up to 100K sessions/month
  • Custom Funnel Builder
    Normally in $99/month plan
  • Revenue Opportunity Insights
    Normally in $99/month plan

Other features coming soon included:

  • *New* GA Web+App Property Setup
  • Event Builder - All Marketing Channels
  • Event Builder Visual Analysis
  • "What’s Tagged/Not Tagged" Site Audit
  • 100+ Monitoring Integrations

“We feel our analytics are now in a great place to help us scale.”

Mark Duffy, Owl Labs


Stio increased their site speed by 27% with Elevar’s tagging and audit improvements.


Raycon increased their product page conversion rate by 10% with Elevar.


CoverFX increased their conversion rate by 119% with Elevar.

Cover-FX 1

"Amazing feedback, support, and optimizations. The team is extremely knowledgeable, and shares that info transparently. Education and execution are the hallmarks of the platform, but more importantly, of the team."
"The Elevar team is responsive and eager to help. We now feel that our site analytics are in a great place, and we get so much value in working with the Elevar Team."
"I have a much better understanding of how minor changes can hugely impact different KPIs. The eCommerce strategy has also been greatly beneficial to how we think about long-term strategy and how we operate day-to-day."

Interested, But Need to See More?

Watch a quick demo on Elevar or book time with us to answer any of your questions.

Automation + Real Human Experts

Data Foundation

We’ll configure your sitewide data layer and all of your behavior event tracking. All you have to do is review and approve.

Prevent Costly Errors

Your Google Tag Manager account is enhanced with error monitoring. So you’ll know exactly when a tag breaks before it severly impacts ROAS.

Expert Help

We pride ourselves on providing superior customer success and support. We’ll be there to ensure an amazing tagging implementation and address any questions you have.

Have Questions?

How does this differ from the $99/month plan?

The $99 month plan does not include: GTM Suite Shopify App, “Done For You” sitewide event tracking, “Done For You” GTM Audit and Cleanup, “Done For You” marketing tag error monitoring setup.

When should I expect my site to be tagged?

We usually complete the event tracking within the first week of you joining.

Is there a refund option?

Yes. If you are not happy within the first 7 days then we will refund your entire $1K purchase.

Who is this best for?

This plan is perfect for business owners/executives who don’t have the time to focus on tagging, marketing teams who don’t have the time or expertise to manage tags (and want to mitigate errors impacting campaigns), and anyone who needs more insights from their Google Analytics data to boost conversion rates.

Why did you create this plan?

We’ve realized our happiest customers are those that we have a hands-on onboarding experience with through custom audits, implementations, etc. So we decided to merge our “hands on” experience into our self serve plan to provide a high value experience for those needing tagging and analytics assistance.

When will the new features be live?

We usually release one major feature per month. So sometime in the next few months you will begin seeing these additions to the Chrome Extension roll out.

What if I am an existing customer?

If you are already a customer of our GTM Suite App – then we can provide a free upgrade to the latest version. If you are a self serve customer than you can upgrade to this plan to receive all of the additional benefits. For our PRO customers you are already receiving these additional one-time perks as part of your monthly benefits.