3 Tips to Improve Mobile Conversion Rate

See examples and get tangible tips to improve your site’s mobile conversion rate and thus revenue.

3 Tips to Improve Mobile Conversion Rate

Mobile internet usage worldwide makes up about 48% of the total, excluding tablets via This number will continue to grow as our lives become more mobile and technology improves. It is imperative as eCommerce professionals to acknowledge this trend and proactively design our site experiences. Here are 3 tips to improve mobile conversion rate.

1.  Test Everything

This is all about why & where. You need to find out precisely WHERE users are exiting your website. Look at the pages that mobile users are exiting at the highest rate. Additionally, where are these users entering the site and bouncing?

Once you have that nailed down, WHY are they leaving these pages? Create hypothesizes and test against them. Everything looks different on mobile. Your navigation through categories, PLP, PDP, and checkout. Test making changes by adding/removing elements that make it easier, cleaner, and more straightforward for a mobile user to shop. Google Optimize  can be a great resource for on site testing. Check out this Elevar blog post written by our founder Brad Redding for help  how to implement Google Optimize on Shopify.

2. Image & Text Optimization

Your site needs to be 100% usable regardless of the screen size of the user. Not all website designs are fully responsive or aren’t at all.  Images need to have correct centering and proper sizing for users to be enticed by their content. It’s mission critical to ensure the mobile styling (images, text, headers) is large enough for users to navigate with ease. Example of Mobile & Desktop image Optimization optimizes their homepage with creative that is optimized to their users screen size.

3. Mobile-specific Functionality

Major eCommerce retailers have been continuing to innovate to improve and better the experience of their mobile users. Recently there have been many examples of sites implementing site features that are purely to enhance mobile experience.

a. Side Scroll Filters in Categories – these give the user the ability to filter a broader category down to a more specific sub-category. Traditionally on a desktop site, these options would be displayed as links on the left. With significantly less screen space this does not makes sense for a mobile user.

b. My Offers/Coupon Quick Links – for any site that uses many different discount codes this can communicate them most effectively to a mobile user. Additionally, this can be used to create super quick links to pages that convert the highest to a mobile user. has some excellent implementations of mobile-specific functionality and image & text optimization. Things are easy, readable, and quick.

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