Giant List of Conversion Optimization Ideas for eCommerce

View 50+ conversion optimization ideas from companies like Rothy’s, Puravida, Stio, Cariuma & Snow. View the what, why, and how to analyze each.

Giant List of Conversion Optimization Ideas for eCommerce

Is your website working hard enough for you in converting new users?

A top notch user experience encompasses so many small interactions on a website. Brands that have this dialed in see the direct lift on conversion rates and AOV.

Ideas are a dime a dozen. But we believe the creativity that brings out the best ideas need a little bit of a spark to get going.

So we put ourselves to the test:

  • Build a giant list of 50+ conversion rate optimization ideas
  • Give context into the “why” it might work
  • Give details on “how” to analyze it
  • Showcase brands to reference`


On this giant list of ideas, you’ll find an array across home, category, product, cart, and checkout pages from companies like Rothy’s, Puravida, Stio, Cariuma & Snow.

Here are some of the purposes behind each idea:

✅ Inspiration – take 10% of an idea and make it 100% yours
✅ What are others in my industry doing?
✅ Give the “Why” and “How to Analyze” each before jumping in. Not all ideas lead to improvements!
✅ Speaking of – not every idea needs to be a home run. A bunch of singles (i.e. small lifts) stack up over time

We’ve sprinkled in ideas we see “win” over and over again along with others that might be a bit out of ordinary.

Want to R&D on some of these ideas?

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Brad Redding

Brad, co-founder of Elevar, has lived in eCommerce for over 12 years. He's helped design, build, and optimize over 100 websites in his career. From new retail startups to well-known brands like Le Creuset, Signature Hardware, Rebecca Minkoff, Char-Broil and more, he specializes in data analytics and conversion optimization to help achieve business goals.

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