Refer a Friend and Earn $500

At Elevar, we value the power of word-of-mouth and want to reward you for helping us grow and spreading awareness about Elevar conversion tracking solutions.

Our referral program is simple: Refer a business to Elevar and earn a one-time finder’s fee of $500 when they become an Elevar customer!

How To Refer a Friend to Elevar

Know an eCommerce brand that could benefit from Elevar conversion tracking solutions? Here’s how to refer them:

  1. Refer a friend using the form to the right.
  2. Your Friend Signs Up for an Essentials, Growth, or Business plan — within 90 days of your referral.
  3. Your Friend Sticks Around: To qualify for the reward, the business you refer must remain a customer for at least 60 days.
  4. You Get Rewarded: Once your referral meets these requirements, you earn $500.

Ready to Start Earning?

Simply fill out the form with your details and your referral’s information. It’s that easy!

Is My Referral a Good Fit?

Referrals quality for this program if:

  1. eCommerce store on Shopify
  2. Contact is a founder, performance marketer, e-commerce manager, or a data analyst
  3. Not part of your team – self-referrals are not valid

You can earn $500 more than once as long as the referrals meet these qualifications and aren’t members of the same organization.

Clients Love Us

Amazing feedback, support, and optimizations. The team is extremely knowledgeable, and shares that info transparently. Education and execution are the hallmarks of the platform, but more importantly, of the team.

Amit Shah

Growth Marketing Manager, Buck Mason
The Elevar team is responsive and eager to help. We now feel that our site analytics are in a great place, and we get so much value in working with the Elevar Team.

Mark Duffy

Digital Marketing Manager, Owl Labs
I have a much better understanding of how minor changes can hugely impact different KPIs. The eCommerce strategy has also been greatly beneficial to how we think about long-term strategy and how we operate day-to-day.

Dylan Kim

Co-Founder, Brevite
I feel more comfortable in tag manager for sure - though I'm aware of the trap of "knowing enough to be dangerous". I have a better sense of the data I have, and some thoughts about future testing I could do. I really appreciated the level of help and attention from the team.

Martin Connelly

Founder, Little Red Cup Tea Company
I was not not up to date on analytics and now I have a much better handle on my data.

Daniel Murray

Founder, Gent Supply Co.
Elevar has helped provide clarity and trust in my metrics. Additionally I have a clearer sense of what CRO big rocks should move the needle the most.

Brian Grayson

Co-Founder, Canoe Club
Within minutes Elevar paid for itself by finding wasteful spend and even showed us where and how to fix it.

Steve Boothe

President, Direct Sports

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