Is Your Shopify Conversion Rate Falling Flat?

Learn the 9 Mistakes That Prevent Shopify Stores From Scaling


– 9 Mistakes That Directly Impact Monthly Revenue & Conversion Rate

– Actionable Insight to Making Data-Driven Optimizations

– Identify How to Scale Past Your Current Performance

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Avoid The 9 Mistakes That Prevent Shopify Stores from Scaling

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"I have a much better understanding of how minor changes can hugely impact different KPIs. The eCommerce strategy has also been greatly beneficial to how we think about long-term strategy and how we operate day-to-day. "

– Elliot Kim

Co-Founder, Brevitē
"Elevar is a major component of our business and reviewing KPIs is helpful to stay focused on a regular basis on the lowest hanging fruit. "

– Steven Habel

Owner, Kinsley Armelle
"Elevar has helped provide clarity and trust in my metrics. Additionally I have a clearer sense of what CRO big rocks should move the needle the most."

– Brian Grayson

Co-Founder, Canoe Club