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Server Side Tags.
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Server side tagging moves your marketing tags from browser-based “pixels” that slow down websites and are susceptible to inaccurate data to a secure API based environment that you have full control over.

In just 10 days you will have your own Google Tag Manager Server Side container that collects data from your Shopify store that is ready to send to your Facebook Conversions API and Google Analytics property. Our 10 day challenge kicks off on Monday, September 28th.

Starts September 28th

10 Day Server Side Tagging Challenge

$95 One-Time Fee

This challenge is designed to help launch your own server side tagging by focusing on one specific task per day to collect and send data server side. If you are searching for more reliable conversion tracking methods or want to reduce the amount of third party scripts on your website then this is for you.
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No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

  • Learn Server Side (SS) Tagging Pro's and Con's
  • SS Container Setup & Configuration
  • Data Layer & Event Tracking for SS Tags
  • Data Layer Error Monitoring
  • Facebook Conversion API Setup
  • App + Web Google Analytics Property Setup
  • SS Clients, Tags, Triggers, Variable Creation
  • Publish Your First SS Tags!

Additional Challenge Support:

  • Daily Training Videos
  • Complete How-To Docs For Shopify
  • Live Zoom Q&A Support Calls
  • Private FB Group for Challenge

“We feel our analytics are now in a great place to help us scale.”

Mark Duffy, Owl Labs

How Will This Work?

Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with server side tagging yet. We’ll guide you through the challenge of creating your own process to match your marketing tag needs.

"Do I need server side tags?"

The short answer is – yes!

Chances are you might already experience missing conversions in Facebook, or attribution issues in Google Analytics.

The massive changes that browsers are making – like Safari ITP and cookie policy changes – are negatively impacting data collection you’ve historically relied on.

As browsers continue to evolve, server side tagging will fast become a must-have.

In the first part of the challenge you’ll:

  • Learn the pro’s and con’s to server side tagging (it’s still in beta after all)
  • Create your first SS container
  • Create your own subdomain that we’ll send data to
  • Learn the key differences with this new Google Tag Manager container and how it works

Send data to your new container

With the end goal of more accurate, consistent data sent to Facebook (and other channels), your server container needs the data required for each conversion tag.

Part 2 of the challenge shows different approaches to sending your Shopify store data to your server side container using Elevar or a DIY approach. This includes:

  • Standard events like product view and add to carts
  • Purchase events
  • Custom behavior events (like email signups or quizzes)
  • Customer data w/consent
  • App + Web Google Analytics events

Create FB Conversions API

In part 3 of this challenge you will:

  • Create your Facebook Conversion API account
  • Learn how to run this in parallel with your existing FB pixel
  • See how to analyze and compare event data accuracy
  • Explore the power of Conversions API for advanced use cases

Publish your first SS tags

The last part of the challenge will be:

  • Testing your new server side container
  • Publishing your first server side tag
  • Building out process for short and long term migration for all of your marketing tags
  • How to monitor and QA your tags

From the Team Behind the Google Tag Manager Suite on Shopify

In addition to the daily bite-sized tasks to complete, you’ll have free access to all of our tools and integrations to help speed up your tagging process for the duration of the challenge. You can then stay on our free or paid plan depending on your needs.

Point and Click Event Tracking

We’ll power you up with our Chrome Extension to quickly add tracking to your website that can feed into your server side container. Plus you’ll get over 30 FREE pre-built tag recipes for GTM.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Your GTM container will be enhanced with data layer error monitoring so you’ll know when something breaks that impacts your marketing tags or conversion tracking.

6 Star Support

We pride ourselves on providing 6 star customer support. Have questions along the way that our videos or docs don’t cover? We’ve got your back.

Over 2,000 Brands Trust Their Data With Elevar

As an official Shopify Plus partner, we power tagging and onsite analytics data collection for amazing brands and marketing teams across the world.

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Challenge Entry Fee

Guided training during challenge

$95 one time fee

Challenge includes:

  • Daily Video Lessons & Guides
  • Live Q&A Support Calls
  • Private Facebook Group for Support
  • Data Layer & Event Tracking for SS Tags
  • How To Setup Facebook Conversion API
  • How To Setup App + Web Google Analytics
  • How To Setup SS Clients, Tags, Triggers, Variables
  • How To Publish Your First SS Tags

Everything in Challenge, plus:

  • Complete Server Side Container Implementation
  • Data Layer Implementation
  • Custom Conversion Tracking (up to 5 channels)
  • Google Analytics SS Tagging
  • Facebook Conversions API Events
  • CCPA/GDPR Consent Management Enabled
  • Implementation Review Call w/Analyst
  • 12 Months on Elevar Advanced SS Plan

Have Questions?

Can your team do this for me?

We have 50 spots available where we will handle all of the setup for you. The cost for this is $2,500. If you’re interested in this please email [email protected] to reserve your spot. We’ll share more details with you then.

Is there a refund option?

Yes. If you are not happy with the challenge for any reason let us know and we’ll refund the full $95. The $2,500 plan has a 30 day money back guarantee.

Do I need to have an Elevar account for this challenge?

Technically, no. However it’s highly recommended as we’ll be referencing tools (like our Chrome Extension) to tag your website for your SS container. Plus all of the daily challenge content will be hosted in your Elevar account as well.

Who is this best for?

All of our material and data integrations are set up for Shopify. If you (as a business owner, marketer, or analyst) struggle with data quality or tagging issues then we highly recommend this for you.

How does this differ from monthly plans?

You aren’t locked into a monthly plan with this challenge. However there will be certain features that we’ll go through during the 10 days that are only available on our monthly plans which start at $50/month. But this is all about getting you up to speed with server side tagging.

What does the monthly plan include after the challenge?

All of our plans include the data layer and data layer support, pre-built tag library, Chrome Extension for behavior tag management, data layer error monitoring, and our server side container integrations.

What if I am an existing customer?

If you are a PRO or one year deal promo customers then contact [email protected] for free enrollment in this challenge.

Do you have a demo of your tools?

Yep! You can view all of our demos here. You can also book a demo with us to ask any questions.

Is this a magic bullet for fixing all tracking?

No it’s not. But it has clear benefits: 1) moves third party scripts off of your website 2) improves privacy and security of your data collection 3) helps you control cookie management for tracked users instead of having browsers wipe these out after 7 days (impacting campaign attribution) and 4) improving revenue and order accuracy