Server Side Tagging for Shopify - Live Training

Server side tagging moves your marketing tags from browser-based “pixels” that slow down websites and are susceptible to inaccurate data to a secure API based environment that you have full control over.

In this FREE 90 minute Zoom webinar you’ll learn the steps to get started with Shopify and the new server side container from Google Tag Manager. Utilize the Facebook Conversions API and more.

brad reddingHosted by Brad Redding, Elevar Co-Founder & CEO

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✅  Learn Server Side (SS) tagging basics

✅  The difference between web and server side containers for GTM

✅  Benefits and risks to using the new server side container

✅  How this can be implemented for Shopify stores

✅  Common tracking issues still affecting Shopify brands (and is this a silver bullet to fix)

✅  How to use and send data to the Facebook Conversions API

✅  How to get started with server side tagging

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Is this free?

Yes – this training is 100% free.

Is this live?

Yes this is live! And the replay will be available.

Who is this best for?

All of our material and data integrations are set up for Shopify. If you (as a business owner, marketer, or analyst) struggle with data quality or tagging issues then we highly recommend this for you.

Can I submit questions ahead of time?

Yes – please email [email protected] your question(s) that you’d like us to address.

Does Elevar have a solution for server side tagging with GTM yet?

Yes we do. We’ll demonstrate on the call how this works. If you have any other questions please email [email protected]

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