Identify Returning Users Without Relying on Cookies

Boost your marketing performance: Elevar’s Session Enrichment instantly improves campaign ROI by recognizing returning users & enhancing data sent to Facebook CAPI, Klaviyo, Google Ads, and more!

2-5x more

Add to Cart events captured
and sent to Klaviyo

50% increase

in Facebook Match
Quality Scores

30% increase

in Attentive
abandoned flow revenue

Common Use Cases

We don't try to extend cookies –
We build an identity graph

1.Send 2-3x More Abandoned Cart Emails

Leveraging Elevar's Session Enrichment and Klaviyo server-side integration, our customers consistently experience a 50% or greater increase in product view and add-to-cart events. This results in more abandoned flow emails being sent and a direct boost in ROI from your Elevar integration.

2.Scale Facebook More Efficiently

The truth is, Facebook's performance improves with more data. To achieve this, it's essential to send 100% of conversion events and provide the most comprehensive user data to maximize match quality scores. Elevar delivers on both fronts.

3.Maximize Google Ads Conversions

Elevar sends conversion data client-side, via GA4, and a new server-side integration. We also enrich each with the enhanced matching data that Google requires to boost performance. You can choose the primary conversion that performs best for your business.

We've been able to profitably scale our Facebook campaigns due in part to Elevar's Conversion API integration. After going live with Elevar's Session Enrichment we noticed an immediate improvement in our ability to scale up to our target spend amounts.

Alex Stark
Co-Founder, Ogee
20% Increase in Klaviyo ATC Captures 22% Increase in FB ROAS -13% Reduction in CPC

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How Session Enrichment Works

Proof #1

2-3x Tracked Klaviyo Events

Elevar can identify returning users to your website beyond the typical 24-hour cookie expiration that Klaviyo’s tracking script depends on.

This means that when a user returns to your site after 7, 30, or even 100+ days, Elevar will recognize them and send product view and add-to-cart events linked to their Klaviyo profile.

If they abandon their cart without purchasing, your flows will activate and recover the lost revenue.

Klaviyo performance boost
Proof #2

Improve Facebook Match Rates by 200%

Many Facebook CAPI integrations fail to enrich events such as add-to-cart with user data from previous sessions. Consequently, match rates for vital parameters like email and phone number can be considerably lower than 10%.

However, Elevar’s Session Enrichment utilizes previous site activity and captured data to enrich events from the current session.

This approach leads to a remarkable improvement in match rates for key parameters, often by 200% or more.

Proof #3

Empower All of Your Channels — Automatically

After enabling Elevar’s Session Enrichment, the feature automatically appends data to all your server-side destinations without any extra effort on your part.

By optimizing data for all of your marketing channels, you can ensure maximum efficiency and drive better overall results.


My advice - spend the money with Elevar and save a fortune on your ad spend. Simple. IMO this is the very best way to make sure the data you see on your FB, UA, and GA4 is accurate.

Ash Melwani
Co-Founder, Obvi
3X Abandoned Cart Revenue 10x Add to Cart Events 25% Increase in ROAS

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