GTM Suite for Shopify: Updates to AdWords Remarketing Tags

Watch how to update your AdWords remarketing tags to match the new 2019 Google requirements using the GTM Suite for Shopify by Elevar.

Updated May 7th, 2019

Google AdWords recently updated the requirements for sending dynamic product remarketing data in event tags.

So we’ve gone ahead and updated our GTM containers to reflect these changes which means if you’ve already implemented AdWords remarketing tags through our previous GTM Suite containers then you will need to upgrade.

No changes are required to your codebase!

Here are the steps to upgrade your tags inside of GTM:

  1. Import the new container that contains these AdWords tags (You can find both Plus/Non Plus containers here.)
  2. Merge the container into a new workspace
  3. Pause your old “AdWords – gtag” tags
  4. Update the new AdWords ID variable (remember – no “AW” in front of this anymore)
  5. (optionally) Update the AdWords Conversion Tag and Add to Cart Conversion Tag
  6. Verify the tags fire on appropriate pages
  7. Verify dynamic data populates on product view, collection view, add to cart, purchase
  8. Verify pre-existing tags (not Elevar related) fire properly
  9. *[optional]* Change your IDs to shopify_US product IDs (see more details here)

==> Worksheet to copy and use

Here is what your container import should closely resemble:


Here is an example of the new AdWords variable in GTM (note there is no AW- in front):


Here is a snapshot of the new remarketing data populating in a product view tag:


Please watch the video for full step by step instructions!


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