Learn From Other High Growth Shopify Brands

Learn high growth strategies from 6 Shopify brands in our partner showcase with Daasity.

Want to get into the minds of other high growth Shopify brands?

Learn 2021 strategies from:

  • Something Navy
  • Woken
  • GoBros
  • Olipop
  • Outland Denim
  • and more

Grab your insights today by downloading from our partner Daasity.

They are all 15-20 minute video clips with each brand sharing strategies they are taking for 2021.

Unearth Business Insights & Streamline Operations
Expert insights by: Turtle Beach + Daasity, Marketplace Valet + Skubana
Set yourself up for success with the metrics that matter. Identify the trends in your performance across sales performance channels to unlock the next areas of growth.

Level Up Customer Experience
Expert insights by: Hello Tushy + Gorgias
Help your team help your customers with faster answers to their questions. Get the most out of your customer support tools and empower your support team with the strategies and tactics to create meaningful experiences for your customers.

Amplified Advertising
Expert insights by: Woken Coffee + Klickly, Go Bros + Elevar
Discover new ways to scale your brand this year despite the iOS 14 updates. Find new channels and attribution methods to better understand how new customers are actually buying.

Site Strategy That Drives Dollars
Expert insights by: Ellus & Krue + Just Uno and Something Navy + Nacelle
Increase Conversion rate and AOV with better onsite experiences. Dive into PWAs, Onsite Product Recommendations and more tactics to drive higher revenues from each session.

Retention Marketing
Expert insights by: Olipop + Postscript and Outland Denim + Okendo
Now that you’ve acquired those customers it’s time to keep them around. Discover new ways of connecting with your customers to turn buyers into loyal evangelists.

Grab your insights today by downloading from our partner Daasity.

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Brad Redding

Brad, Founder of Elevar, has lived in eCommerce for nearly 15 years. Today Elevar helps thousands of eCommerce brands like Rothys, Vuori, Cuts Clothing, and Vessi maximize the value of their onsite data collection. He specializes in data analytics and conversion optimization to help brands exceed their business goals.

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