Enhancing Paid Media with Data

In this free 60 minute training on Thursday, May 21st @ noon EST, we’re covering 6 specific tactics to help you maximize your paid search acquisition efforts with advanced event tracking and analysis techniques. Training held by Shopify Plus Partners Vervaunt and Elevar.

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On the training you will learn...

✅ Using both real client examples and best practices the training will talk through how expertise in Tag Manager and Event Tracking can enhance the work being completed in Google Ads and Facebook.


✅ What are the common issues we see?


✅ What are the best practices to apply in Event Tracking?


✅ How do we use GTM and Event Tracking to enhance our Conversion Optimization efforts?


✅ How do we set up analytics for paid media and the different incoming attribution models? e.g. Facebook data will include many discrepancies when compared to GA


✅ Is it best to pull data externally into excel document or data studio?


Is this free?

Yes – this training is 100% free.

Is this live?

Yep – this is a live hands on training.

Who is this best for?

In addition to being an eCommerce business…if you are looking for one of the following: expanding your knowledge of GTM and tagging, learning how to extract insights from your data, improving data sent to marketing platforms (like Facebook) to help boost your campaign performance then this is for you.

Is there an offer included?

Yes! Once the training is complete then we’ll be providing an offer that you can take advantage of.

I have more questions, where do I go?

If you have any questions on this webinar then send them to [email protected]

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