Improve Klaviyo Abandoned Flow Performance with Identity & Session Enrichment

Learn how Elevar can double your Abandoned Browse and Cart Flow Revenue in Klaviyo

Improve Klaviyo Abandoned Flow Performance with Identity & Session Enrichment

Brad Redding

Brad Redding is the Founder & CEO of Elevar. Specializing in analytics, tracking, GTM, and conversion optimization.

Would you like to 2x revenue from Klaviyo abandoned flows without having to do anything different?

Last year I shared how “Conversion Tracking” wasn’t just about trusting your data & data accuracy.

When Conversion Tracking is done right it can be a secret weapon for growth.

We’ve seen it for years with our Facebook CAPI Shopify integration which we continue to improve weekly.

But — now we see it with integrations that are even easier to do an ROI analysis on.

Like Klaviyo.

Consider this scenario:

  • You pay for a click on Google or Facebook for user to visit your site
  • User signs up for 10% off coupon
  • User exits without purchasing
  • User returns 24 hours later
  • User adds to cart….but leaves without purchasing

You HOPE that your abandoned cart flow sends an email.

But unfortunately the user was on iOS (or Safari) and their Klaviyo cookie expired, tracking was blocked, etc.

So the abandoned cart email is not sent because Klaviyo has no idea the user added to cart.

This is where “Elevar 2023” comes in.

We ensure these user sessions are stitched and Klaviyo flows operate the way you expect them to through our Session Enrichment & Klaviyo Server-Side Tracking.

Like the examples in the images below.

🔥 200% increase in emails sent to customers that would have otherwise been “ghosts”

🔥 Almost 100% increase in revenue.

We’re seeing this on week 1 for many customers.

Interested in watching how this works?

Take a look:

Before/After Comparisons

The examples below are real customer examples typically within 3-14 days of going live.

Performance continues to increase over time as returning users visit and their cookies are expired so Klaviyo does not recognize them and are unable to connect their activity to a user profile.

All Flows shown with revenue associated to Elevar flows is new revenue.

Users that triggered the legacy events were filtered from flows executing:

klaviyo flows

So here you go:

18% More Revenue from Abandoned Cart Flows for Skincare Brand

This brand has captured another 18% revenue on their abandoned cart flows from users that would otherwise have not been enrolled in their legacy flow.

acart reve

4x User Segment and Doubled Abandoned Cart Flow Revenue: Apparel Brand

This brand ran Elevar’s server-side tracking events in parallel for about 30 days to validate the potential lift.

They now run their abandoned cart and product browse flows using Elevar’s server-side events due to the significant increase in user match rates and direct revenue increase from sending more abandoned cart flows.

abandoned cart flow

11x Emails & 2x Revenue in 7 Days: CPG Brand

This brand’s legacy add to cart event was severely under-reporting.

After less than 2 weeks they were seeing 11x more emails in their abandoned cart segment and 2x revenue from an additional flow configured.

cpg brand

abandoned cart

35% Increase in Product Views: Pet Accessories D2C Brand

This was less than 4 days after going live.

klaviyo before after

20% Increase in Product Views: Men & Women Ready to Wear

This was 7 days after going live.

klaviyo before after

20% Increase in 7 Days: Skincare Brand

klaviyo before after

54% Increase in Add to Cart Segment & 55% Revenue Increase: Children’s Clothing Brand

klaviyo before/after klaviyo before/after

83% Increase in Viewed Product & 76% Increase in Add to Cart Segments: Home Accessories D2C Brand

Interested in setting up for yourself?

Sign up or schedule a call with us today.

We continue to add more integrations as your only all-in-one conversion tracking and identity solution for Shopify D2C brands.

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