Trust Your Data With Elevar 2.0

Trusting the accuracy of your data has become even more challenging due to browsers blocking the use of cookies, ad blocker usage, iOS14, and privacy regulations like CCPA and GDPR. Enter Elevar 2.0. Completely rebuilt to solve for the future of your tracking needs.

elevar 2.0 data layer
1. Customized Data Layer Events

Gain complete control over the data layer and tracking of customer data for Google Analytics and your marketing tags. Plus you can launch server side tagging and FB Conversion API.

2. See What’s Tagged on your Website

Add event tracking like an expert. Use our Chrome Extension to tag your site, automatically import to Google Tag Manager, and visually explore what is tagged.

3. Monitor Your Tags for Accuracy

With built-in monitoring enabled on your data layer and marketing tags you’ll know when a tag breaks so it can be addressed quickly.

2.0 Data Layer Features

Facebook Conversion API

Go beyond purchases for your Facebook Conversion API integration. Elevar supports all key events for your Shopify store like product views and add to carts in addition to purchases (coming Jan 2021).

GA4 Integration

Unlock the power of the new Google Analytics 4 with Elevar’s completely built data layer that includes all eCommerce events. Plus we’ve enhanced with user property data like LTV and total order count.

Checkout Funnel

Get the complete picture of your checkout funnel performance. You now have built-in events for each step of the checkout (Shopify Plus only) plus login and account creation events for customers.

Site Speed Improvements

The Elevar data layer has been optimized to only include Shopify fields necessary for the dataLayer events. Plus you can now turn off certain events to further reduce unnecessary code on your website.

User Privacy Integrations

Need to comply with CCPA or GDPR? Now your marketing tags can be automatically implemented with your third party consent tool (like OneTrust) to maximize conversion tracking accuracy.

Buy Now + Sitewide Add to Carts

Dynamic checkout actions are hard to tracking. But not anymore. With Elevar we automatically track add to cart actions across your website to keep your tags accurate and up to date.

Compare 1.0 to 2.0

Version 1.0 Version 2.0
Data Layer
GTM Data LayerOur one-click data layer implementation for Shopify
Pre Built GTM Recipes Deploy over 30+ new marketing channel tags in minutes
Google Analytics & GA4 Implement Google Analytics and GA4 tracking via GTM
Facebook Pixel & Google Ads TrackingImplement all eCommerce events to be used in remarketing and conversion tracking.
FB Conversion APISitewide dynamic event tracking for all events (purchases is 1.0 only)
Product List Full Funnel PerformanceTrack your product performance in the product list eCommerce reports for GA
Buy Now Dynamic Checkout TrackingSend eCommerce events for buy now button interaction
Sitewide Add to Cart EventsSend add to cart events across website, not just product pages
Privacy Consent IntegrationIntegrate data layer with privacy software to remain CCPA and GDPR compliant
Enable/Disable Data Layer EventsDisable data layer events that are not needed on your store to reduce code
Dynamic Version UpdatesUpgrade to future versions in 1 click
Additional Features
Visual Event Builder Chrome Extension to add event tracking for Google Analytics and other third party tags. GTM Tags and triggers automatically created
What’s Tagged Visualize what’s tagged on your website through our Chrome Extension
Marketing Tag MonitoringAutomated error tracking for marketing tags in GTM
Data Layer Monitoring Automated error reporting for data layer variables

Over 2,500 Shopify Stores Trust Elevar With Their Data

We’ve built the leading GTM app on Shopify. Have helped hundreds of thousands of GTM users through our free guides. And are official Shopify Plus and Facebook Marketing Partners.

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What if I am an existing customer?

If you are an existing customer on our Basic, Advanced, 1 Year Promo, or PRO plans then this upgrade is included with no additional charge. If you have only purchased the $199 one-time data layer in the past then you’ll need to upgrade to a basic plan.

Do I have to upgrade to 2.0?

Nope! We will continue to support version 1 if you’d like to stay on your existing plan. Just keep an eye out in your Elevar dashboard when downloading new GTM containers: we mark them v1 OR v2 compatible.

How is this different than native Shopify + Facebook integration?

There are two main differences: the first is that by using Google Tag Manager you have the ability to customize each event and parameter data send with your pixel. This includes the ability to run your Facebook pixel in a true “1st party context” when using GTM server side tagging to control cookie expirations. The second main difference is that you can only send Conversion API purchase events with native Shopify<>Facebook. Using Elevar you can send all sitewide events.

Do I need to have a GTM account to use this?

Yes, you will need to have a GTM account. But we take care of the rest!

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on your current month’s charges.