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Elevar’s Server-Side customers receive 10-20% more purchases attributed in their marketing platforms, like Facebook and GA4. Plus email and SMS destinations like Klaviyo and Attentive receive more product view and add to cart events connected to user profiles. This helps platforms run smarter, find new consumers faster, and power more abandoned cart flows.

Tagging Automation

Automatically track each customer journey and achieve 99% conversion accuracy

People Click Your Ads

Conversion tracking starts with knowing which channel the shopper is coming from.

People Browse Your Website

Conversions can be product views, add to cart, purchases, etc.

Conversions Sent to Destinations

Elevar pushes your conversion data server-side to marketing channels with near 100% accuracy (and GDPR compliant).

Built for Shopify

Why you need server-side tracking

The world of tracking is changing fast. Without reliable server-side tracking and identity management, you could be missing 20-25% of conversions and sitewide events! Missing and inaccurate data can lead to low conversion rates, CPAs, and return on ad spend. Find out why by clicking download now.

Accurate Data

You’ll be on your way to more accurate tracking in less than 15 minutes with an easy to use wizard.

We guarantee 99%+ of your purchase data will be successfully delivered to all of your server-side marketing destinations – or your money back.


View Event Data Comparisons

Once your server-side destinations are live then you can view and compare all conversion event data sent to each channel. Plus our channel accuracy alerts will notify you when tracking accuracy drops below your target threshold.

Accurate Data Saves You Money

A server-side setup ensures near 100% of your conversion and customer data is collected through our direct integrations with your store. This includes conversion data, customer data, attribution data, and user IDs.

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Decrease Site Speed

You know speed is critical for conversion rates and that even a fraction of a second faster can go a long way with your customer’s experience.

Elevar’s server-side tracking allows you to reduce excessive scripts running in the background of your site or through Google Tag Manager. Many channels now accept tracking all through server-side APIs without the need for their onsite Javascript.

No-Code Data Control & Privacy

For some marketing channels, you may want to control what data is captured and what data you’re sending.

We support you in those decisions. You set the rules to keep the customer information you want private and control what channels like Facebook and TikTok can see.

Elevar also makes it super easy (and free) to be compliant with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).


Conversion Accuracy

Implement Elevar’s fully managed server-side tracking and we guarantee 99% of your purchase data will be successfully delivered to all of your server-side marketing destinations.

30 DAY

Money Back Guarantee

Our no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee is available on all plans. We’re invested into your success.

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