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Data Layer

Best if you only need a data layer and tags for Google Tag Manager.


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  • Data Layertooltip
  • 40+ GTM Tag Templatestooltip
  • Unlimited Tag Creationtooltip
  • Tag Error Monitoringtooltip
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Elevar's Server

For easy server-side tracking setup and 99% conversion accuracy


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All Data Layer features, plus:

  • Elevar Server-Sidetooltip
  • Unlimited Destinationstooltip
  • Conversion Monitoringtooltip
  • Real-Time Reportingtooltip
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Google's Server

Server-side tracking via Google Cloud & GTM Server Container


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All Data Layer features plus:

  • GTM Server-Sidetooltip
  • Unlimited Destinationstooltip
  • Conversion Monitoringtooltip

Over 6,500 Stores Trust Elevar With Their Data

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Add-Ons Available

Expert Install

Purchase our one-time onboarding add-on and our analysts will migrate/update tracking across all of your marketing channnels. Available on all paid plans.

Ongoing Tracking & Tag Support

Let Elevar's expert analysts manage all of your ongoing tagging, tracking, and server-side tracking needs for you. A complete Google Analytics and tag audit is required.

Multi-Store Discounts

Utilizing multiple stores for international expansion? We can help! We will still need our app installed on each store but our team can work with you on a custom plan to save you money.

Data Analysis & CRO

Work directly with our in-house data analysis and CRO experts to extract insights and maximize the value of your data.

Choose a plan that is best for you

Data Layer
Elevar’s Server
Google’s Server
Data Foundation Features
Data Layer for GTM Our one-click data layer implementation for Shopify
Pre Built GTM Recipes Deploy over 45+ marketing channel tags in minutes
Server-Side Tracking Leverage Elevar’s server-side tracking via source and destination connections that you can manage and publish in your dashboard. All destinations included like GA, GA4, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Criteo, Impact, and others. Up to 100k events per day. $10/month for every additional 50k daily events.
Real-Time Activity Feed View your conversion data in real time — order data, first & last touch UTMs, click IDs — and the destinations each conversion was sent to.
Attribution Feed View first and last touch UTMs on your purchase conversions to validate accuracy of data collected and sent to your channels.
Client-Side Google Analytics & GA4 Implement Universal Analytics & GA4 tracking via GTM.
Server-Side Google Analytics & GA4 Implement Universal Analytics & GA4 tracking via GTM or Elevar’s Server-Side destinations.
Visual Event Builder Chrome Extension to add event tracking for Google Analytics and other third party tags.
What’s Tagged Visualize what’s tagged on your website through our Chrome Extension.
Facebook Conversion API  Configure all sitewide events for Facebook Conversion API, including for Recharge, Zipify, Carthook, and other third party checkouts.
Consent Mode Integrate your client-side and server-side tracking with Elevar’s built in integrations with OneTrust, Cookiebot, Pandectes and others.
Monitoring Features
Data Layer Monitoring Automated error/undefined reporting for data layer variables.
Email Alerts Configure daily or weekly emails for marketing tag alert management.
Conversion Accuracy Monitoring Monitor your server side conversion tracking in real-time to maintain 99% accuracy. Includes real-time email alerts.
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Our Expertise

Data Foundation

We specialize in building and ensuring quality data that you can make swift decisions on. This includes Google Analytics, Tag Manager, AdWords, Facebook, Klaviyo, and 100's of marketing channels.

Monitoring Data

The days of manually verifying marketing pixels daily is done. Our automated marketing tag and data layer monitoring covers 100% of your users on all marketing channels.

Analyzing Data

We believe creating tracking to answer questions about your business is what sets our philosophy apart. All of our tools are built around this concept: help you get answers to your questions, faster.

Amazing feedback, support, and optimizations. The team is extremely knowledgeable, and shares that info transparently. Education and execution are the hallmarks of the platform, but more importantly, of the team.

Amit Shah

Growth Marketing Manager, Buck Mason
The Elevar team is responsive and eager to help. We now feel that our site analytics are in a great place, and we get so much value in working with the Elevar Team.

Mark Duffy

Digital Marketing Manager, Owl Labs
I have a much better understanding of how minor changes can hugely impact different KPIs. The eCommerce strategy has also been greatly beneficial to how we think about long-term strategy and how we operate day-to-day.

Dylan Kim

Co-Founder, Brevite

Ready to get started?

No technical setup required and our customer success team is there to support you every step of the way.


Do I have to use Google Tag Manager?

No. Even thought many of our solutions are built around Google Tag Manager, our Elevar Fully Managed server-side solutions do not require GTM.

Do you offer consultations with your plans?

Yes we do. Our PRO plan is very hands on. Plus we offer 1-time audits if needed. Click here to book a demo with us and learn more.

Do you include Facebook Conversion API?

Yes, we implement the Facebook Conversion API via Elevar or GTM Server-Side integrations. This includes all standard events and third party checkouts like ReCharge.

Are you a Shopify Plus Partner?

Yes! We are an official Shopify Plus Partner. You can find our listing here:

Do I have to sign long term contract?

No long term contracts are required and can be managed month to month. 

What data sources are supported?

You can connect your data layer (from Elevar) as a source for server-side integrations, Shopify Notifications via wehook, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

What integrations are supported?

View all of our active integrations here.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

If you are not happy with Elevar, we will refund your most recent monthly charge by contacting [email protected]

What is the 99% guarantee?

If you are on our Elevar Server-Side and have configured following our recommendations, then we guarantee 99% of conversions from your Shopify store will be delivered to the destinations (e.g. Facebook CAPI) that you configure. If for any reason Shopify webhooks have an outage and don’t replay orders (which is rare) then we will not be able to capture and re-send these to your destinations.