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Learn about the most common use cases why a growing # of brands are choosing Elevar for their Conversion Tracking and server-side data collection.

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Who Elevar is Made For

Business Owners

Ensuring you have accurate data across your analytics and marketing stack that you can trust is our mission. A robust tracking implementation ensures your team is focusing on strategies to scale your business.


Would a 10-20% boost in performance on Facebook or Google Ads be helpful? With Elevar you can trust that your pixel, analytics, and conversion tracking is maximizing efficiency and reporting accuracy.

Data Analysts

We’re analysts at our core and know the pain of broken tags, missing data, and undefined data layer variables. Elevar simplifies the setup of a data layer and server-side foundation that you can leverage.

Common Use Cases

Ad Efficiency

Improve Marketing Performance

When platforms like Facebook have the most accurate conversion and user data for your brand then you can expect improved efficiency in CPMs and CPCs. Plus you’ll increase your platform reported performance metrics ROAS, cost per purchase metics, and overall revenue.

Learn how Elevar helps boost Facebook performance by over 20%.



Server-Side Tracking

Relying solely on client-side (aka browser) pixels and tags for accurate analytics and conversion tracking is no longer an option.
Elevar’s Server-Side tracking helps ensure 100% of your conversions are captured – with the most accurate customer attribution data attached to each conversion.


GDPR Compliance

Enable Consent Mode in Elevar’s data layer and integrate directly with OneTrust, Cookiebot, Pandectes, iubenda, and other consent management systems.


Headless Tracking

Using a custom headless site or landing page builder? No problem! Elevar ensures all attribution data is collected and sent with your server-side integrations like Google Analytics, Facebook, and TikTok.


Accurate Tracking

Over 6,500 Shopify brands trust Elevar to deploy conversion tracking for Facebook CAPI, Google Ads, Google Analytics, GA4, TikTok, 40+ more marketing channels.

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Fix Broken Integrations

Let’s face it – it can feel like something is always broken with Google Analytics, the Facebook pixel, or Google Ads tags. 

Elevar helps resolve tracking emergencies costing thousands and impacting your team’s ability to perform. Once live, Elevar monitors the accuracy of your conversions across your most critical marketing channels like Facebook, GA, TikTok, and others.



Accurate GA4 and Google Analytics Data

Elevar guarantees 99%+ conversion accuracy with our server-side integration for GA and GA4. Plus you have the ability to customize the data you’re sending like product ID, order ID, revenue, offline orders, subscriptions, and more.


GTM & Sitewide Data Layer

Elevar’s Data Layer is a simple 1-click install that any marketer can then leverage for Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, server-side tracking, third-party marketing tags, and more.

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Marketers, analysts, and Shopify brand owners use Elevar for accurate conversion tracking