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We don’t want you to spend time worrying about tags, pixels, or if you can trust your data. You have better things to spend time on.

That’s why we built features that make tagging your website for Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and 100’s of marketing channels super easy. Plus – we monitor your tags 24 hours a day for errors and can even take on the heavy lifting of analyzing this data for you.

Who Elevar is Made For

Business Owners

Now more than ever retaining your revenue is critical. A robust tagging and monitoring implementation ensures your team is focusing on strategies and optimizations to sustain the business.

Digital Marketers

Have you found yourself waiting days or weeks to get new pixels up and running? Or maybe errors in your pixels or conversion tracking that directly impacts your performance. We got you.

Data Analysts

We’re analysts at our core and know the pain of broken tags and undefined data layer variables. Especially when someone else informs us before we know about it. We built Elevar for you.

Common Use Cases We Solve For

I need to deploy accurate marketing pixels faster

Imagine being able to publish marketing pixels quickly and keep them all organized in a single place.

Now – imagine the look on your colleagues faces when you tell them not to stress about working directly with code for EVERY pixel that needs to be added, edited, deleted etc.


With nearly 100 pre-built integrations for Google Tag Manager, we’ll get you up and running with AdWords to TikTok to Commission Junction and everything in between.

Oh – and we don’t forget about the other third party pages like Shogun, ReCharge, Zipify, Cart Hook, and much more.

I need an accurate data layer for my analytics

Do you need an accurate data layer for Google Analytics, Facebook, AdWords, or to funnel data into your Business Intelligence tool?

Thousands of brands have implemented our data layer to help them scale marketing and analytics efforts.

Plus if you need a data layer customized to your unique needs, our analysts will work directly with you to cover your use cases.

maintain roas

I need to reduce costs on ad spend but maintain revenue

Saving money as a business is always a top priority, but it’s hard to know just what to cut and from where.

One of the first places people look to cut money spent is on advertising.

But this could lead to unexpected long term consequences (see: Kellogg vs Post difference during the last Great Depression as an example).

If you are maintaining or just reducing ad spend, we help in a few ways:

  • Ensure accurate conversion data for campaign ROAS
  • Ensure accurate pixel coverage for all events – like product views and add to carts – to maximize remarketing audiences
  • Ensure when a pixel does break (which we see happen on avg 1-2x/month) that you know about it right away
  • More advanced remarketing audiences through advanced event tracking (like video, email, or quiz interactions)

This can lead to higher ROAS which can equal similar revenue at lower costs.

I need to understand what users are doing on my website

Google Analytics is great. But it’s even better when super-powered with event tracking.

Event tracking enables you to tag anything on your site and see usage and conversion rate % for every interaction.

Upsells? Size chart usage? Video plays? Yep – you can tracking everything.

If you aren’t sure where to start with event tracking we’ve got you covered with robust training to help you quickly onboard to our event builder.

Or maybe you are already an expert at event tracking. We can help you tag even faster.

We also offer PRO plans where we manage your complete conversion optimization program.

what are users doing
broken tags

I need to know when my tags break so I don't lose revenue

This is our most common use case. Why do tags break?

  • Code deployments
  • Browser changes
  • Pixel requirement changes
  • Conflicts with new features launched on your site
  • This list goes on…

You shouldn’t have to check every marketing account daily in order to look at the health of your pixel and conversion event tracking. This is wasted time.

Once you’re up and running on our tag monitoring then we’ll be your assistant monitoring your tracking health for you.

Can you just do all of this for me?

We get it.  If you are more of a “do it for me” vs a “do it yourself” then the answer is yes.

Our PRO packages cover the following professional services:

  • Analytics audit and cleanup
  • Tag management audit and cleanup
  • Third party marketing tag configuration
  • Event tracking
  • Conversion optimization strategy
  • And on a case-by-case basis (if it’s the right fit) then we’ll handle a/b testing as well

Hop on a call with us to learn more.

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