Conversion & Tag Monitoring

Avoiding broken conversions tags is the key to maximizing return on ad spend and its attainable only through Elevar’s Monitoring technology. We like to call it “Pingdom for conversion tags”.

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Your Ad Budget Always Protected

The only automated monitoring solution in the world that is built entirely for eCommerce marketing tags and the Google Tag Manager data layer. 

Once configured you won’t need to worry about the silent revenue killers…

..broken conversion tags.

Broken tags or undefined (i.e. inaccurate) variables lead to:

❌  Underperforming remarketing campaigns

❌  Ineffective lookalike audiences

❌  Inaccurate data collection and reporting

❌  And even campaign shutdown

This can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Avoid these issues and you can scale marketing campaigns with confidence. 

Which leads to more revenue and ROAS growth for your business.

Broken Tags Aren't Your Fault

One of our customers, Rothy’s, was expanding marketing partners and campaigns frequently.

They were seeing explosive growth – 350% in 2018 with over $140 million in revenue.

And a pair were even spotted on Meghan Markle – the Dutchess of Sussex.

But with all of this growth they were experiencing broken tags that negatively impacted performance.

❌ Marketing platform’s algorithm (like FB) was missing data that is used to help optimize performance.

❌  Team members left with inadequate data to drive decisions.

So the Rothy’s team needed to invest in a solution to mitigate wasted time, ad spend, and opportunity cost.

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Why Do Tags Break?

It’s complicated ☹️.

Code deployments. Platform changes. Browser changes. Feature conflicts.

The list goes on.

And when you add the fact that every platform has unique requirements – this compounds the issue. Just look at their naming conventions:

  • Google TAG Assistant
  • Facebook PIXEL Helper
  • Pinterest TAG Helper
  • Twitter EVENT Tracking

So there is no universal process to follow…
..each platform creates their own standards..
…and the process to implement and validate tag accuracy is so manual.

This puts the burden and expense on you to implement, manage, and monitor.

Then something breaks and the cycle repeats.

Over 2,500 brands trust their data and marketing tags with us

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Here's how our monitoring process works

Define Your Rules

What tags do you want to track? What data is required when triggered? We’ll help you define rules for Facebook to Adwords tags and everything in between.

Enhance Your Tags

No additional script or code needs to be added to your website. We simply enhance your existing tags right inside of Google Tag Manager with error monitoring.

Sell, Sell, Sell

Once live, 100% of your website users and marketing tags are monitored. When we detect an error you can analyze the URL, event, and other data points to help troubleshoot quickly.

100's of built-in integrations

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How does this work?

For conversions – we monitor API responses in our server-side integrations to track the % of successful conversions. For your data layer we look for missing/undefined data in your tags that trigger on user behavior and provide the tag, page, and device it happened on.

Do you need to install a script on my site for this to work?

Nope! The only prerequisite is that you have Google Tag Manager running on your website.

Who is monitoring best for?

This is perfect for brands doing over $1 million in annual revenue that uses at least marketing channel (like Facebook) to advertise on.

Do I need to have a GTM account to use this?

For conversion channel accuracy, no. For data layer error monitoring, yes you do.

Will this work for marketing/growth agencies?

Yes! This is even more important for marketing agencies. Think of this monitoring as insurance for your performance campaigns. You more than anyone else knows the impact that broken tags can have on a campaign.